Black Count of the Pirate

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Meester continued. Even if the strength of the weak increases tenfold,

Rinehart turned into a dragon claw gesture of the palm of his hand, and Meister was pulled out of the black night sky, then turned around and slammed into the ground. When Meister lost control of his body and kept falling to the ground, the night sky suddenly seemed to collapse, and the whole night sky seemed to shrink rapidly into a small area and press down with Meister's fall. Miso, miso, miso. Rinehart stepped on the moon and shot down. At this time, Meister, who was falling rapidly, felt the most intense danger of death in his life, so he roared angrily in his heart. His hands were constantly controlling the night on the way to fall, trying to protect himself from the crisis of falling to the ground with the rapid convergence of the night. But his body was falling too fast, and the speed of the night was far behind. Is this time.. Are you really going to die? I don't know how many frustrations and tribulations Meister has experienced in his life, but there are few times when he can actually feel the fear of death. But this time, it is so clear and strong to feel, as many years ago, the same feeling of becoming a prisoner, the feeling of death. If you fall to the ground, with the injuries in your body and the little physical strength left on your body, plus this huge impact, you will surely die. Nope There was an unwilling roar in the night. At that moment, Rinehart observed that the previously condensed night was converging on Meester at a speed that was difficult to see with the naked eye. He could not help wondering, was it the move that could enhance strength and defense? Such a strange, visible but intangible night has become a visible and tangible existence under the control of Meester. It has to be said that his development of the ability of the fruit of the night is absolutely first-class. Boom! Meister fell completely, and then the ground suddenly shook. Within tens of meters of his fall,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, all the ground cracked, thus creating a huge pit. But the noise had just fallen, and a second might not have passed, when Meester stood up eerily, looking as if the situation was intact and not injured at all. Interesting. Seeing this behind the scenes, Rinehart showed a sneer, it seems that the strange surge of night just now protected him. Meester's body is surging with a more intense black tide, which is the night effect of the fruit of the night, under his control, tightly integrated into the body. It is very similar to the shadow fruit of Moonlight Moriah, but Moriah manipulates the shadow and devours the shadow to become stronger, while Meester manipulates the night, Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet ,brushed stainless steel sheet, so he also develops the ability to devour the night to enhance it. This move was seen a few days ago when Meister assassinated Nikolai, but. At this time, the performance seems to be different from that night. As soon as Meister's hands closed, the rich night eerily converged towards his body, especially when the sky was dark, and it was even more powerful at this time of night. At this time, the scene in the night sky gradually changed, as if all the night on the whole water island was condensing into his body. The momentum and scale are much bigger than what we saw before. At this time, Meester's body was like a huge container, which completely melted the condensed night into his body. At the moment when the night stopped flowing, Meister's eyes suddenly opened, annotating Rinehart. The realm of the night! Meester's right hand reached out and waved gently forward, and then a black wave of air like a ripple appeared in the vicinity, which suddenly opened and directly covered the scene. After the air wave was covered, Rinehart immediately felt that his five senses had dropped a lot, and the consumption of seeing and hearing the color was intensified in vain. Does this move have the effect of resisting the domineering of seeing and hearing? Rinehart slightly stupefied, this is not an illusion, because seeing and hearing color domineering increased the speed of consumption. After Meester had done this, he took a step forward with a cold face, and after this step, it seemed that the whole world was different. It's like entering some kind of special space. "In the five years since I ate the fruit of the night, you are the only one who can make me show my cards." Meester looked at Rinehart and said with an expressionless face. Is this it? Rinehart smiled with a slight sneer, then pointed his hand into the darkness around him. What he is referring to is the obvious feeling of the night field covered by his night fruit ability. Rinehart did not expect Meister to hide so many secrets, this absolute card, even the last time such a crisis is not willing to use out, if not just faced with the situation of death, it seems that he still has to hide it. This is the realm of the night.. In this field, my strength will be improved several times. Meester continued. Even if the strength of the weak increases tenfold, it is only the effect of increasing from one to ten. Rinehart looked at him. "The opponent you are facing is a strong man far greater than ten." "The gap between the weak and the strong, which you may not have figured out, is definitely more than the gap from one to ten." "You don't know what the absolute field is." Meester said coldly, while his body was wrapped in a pure black shadow. "This is my [absolute domain]." A burst of black air jumped out of his palm, and the air expanded directly and hit Rinehart. Rinehart was not surprised to see this behind the scenes, so he was ready to jump away immediately, but suddenly, his body was unable to move, and his feet seemed to be bound by something. Airflow shapes, condenses into strange shapes, erupts directly at the moment of approaching Rinehart, and there seems to be no chance to stop it. With a thud. The real energy of the air flow hit Rinehart's chest, and he snorted,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, feeling the blood in his body begin to surge like a stream of water, and surge in his chest, and soon the surging blood broke through his throat.