My beautiful wife.

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With that, a white light flashed all over Shangguan Able Person's body. A small golden insect the size of a fly flew out of Shangguan Able Person's mouth, and then flew into Liu Zixuan's mouth.

With that, a white light flashed all over Shangguan Able Person's body. A small golden insect the size of a fly flew out of Shangguan Able Person's mouth, and then flew into Liu Zixuan's mouth. Liu Zixuan was stunned and suddenly felt a strong surge of energy in his body. He sat down cross-legged and absorbed it. The female sees this one act is stupefied, narrow to Beibei eye: "Husband, how to return a responsibility?" wWw. xiAoshUotxt.cOm Chapter 41 space powers. "I knew you would ask." The superior officer smiled and said, "It's very simple. It takes five years to conceive and raise the power. To put it bluntly, these five years are to absorb energy and form the power. But there is a lot of energy in my body. The power can quickly conceive and raise the power completely. From just now, I felt that the speed of the power is very fast. It has been completely conceived just now." But the power was not greedy enough, and I wanted to absorb it, so I forced it out of my body, and then you all knew. "I see." The women were suddenly enlightened, and then their faces were full of chagrin. If they had known about this situation earlier, they would have thrown the power on the superior officer. It took only half an hour to complete the gestation of the power, which saved five years. Liu Zixuan's luck was so good that they didn't think of it before! Perhaps the power bred in the human body is too powerful, originally only one day can absorb the power, Liu Zixuan has absorbed three days and three nights,lutein and zeaxanthin supplements, so long time, also let the superior officer and the women surprised, Liu Zixuan can get what kind of power is more curious, but Liu ZiXuan in the area is ten times the isolation zone, The outside world was over in just over seven hours. When Liu Zixuan opened her eyes, all the women gathered around her. Zhang Tingting asked,best green coffee bean extract, "Zixuan, you finally woke up. How is it?"? What powers did you get this time? With a slight smile, Liu Zixuan stood up and moved her hands and feet. "I'd better not say anything," she said! I'm afraid you'll feel inferior if you say it. Women: "… …" As soon as Liu Zixuan said this, all the women understood that Liu Zixuan must have got an extremely powerful power this time, otherwise she would not be so proud, but the more she did not say, the more the women felt itchy. Squint at Beibei's eyes. Murmured in a bewitching language: "Say it!"! Say it! Show me your power! Liu Zixuan immediately had a feeling of being blinded by lard. She was very obedient and said: "What I got this time is the power of space. I can move in space without limit before the energy is exhausted. I can also distort space so that different spaces can be exchanged and docked. I can also create space for myself to store things. If I inject air into it, I can even let people survive in it." The girls listened. Suddenly shocked, Shangguan Able Person also felt shocked, and at this time Liu Zixuan suddenly woke up, airway: "good ah!"! Beibei, naringenin price ,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, you *** me! "Is there?" Xiang Beibei recovered from the shock. Squint a smile: "How do I Yin you?"? I'm just asking you to say something about your power. It's up to you whether you say it or not. I can't control it. "Don't pass the buck. I was blinded by lard just now. You must have used the power. By the way, you have the power of mind bewitching.". You must have bewitched me! You still don't admit it? Liu Zixuan said angrily. Who's to blame? Can only blame your mind is not firm, I am helping you exercise your mind! You.. Forget it When Liu Zixuan thought about it carefully, the fire went down: "It is true that my mind is not firm enough.". I will try my best to hone my mind and perseverance in the future, so that you can bite the hedgehog with no place to eat. Xiang Beibei nodded appreciatively: "It's good to be able to face up to one's own shortcomings and improve it.". It's much better not to make excuses for your shortcomings than someone else. Somebody? The women were puzzled. Zhang Tingting, however, had a black face and did not speak. After suffering so many losses, she also learned to be good. She knew that if she opened her mouth at this time, she would fall into the trap of Xiang Beibei and admit that she was that'someone '. It has to be said that Zhang Tingting is much more mature than she was at the beginning, at least she won't simply be goaded by Xiang Beibei. Zhang Tingting does not speak, to Beibei is some unexpected glance at her, eyes a squint, showing a ray of smile. Shangguan capable person is also a little surprised, he was inserted between Beibei and Zhang Tingting, not less to see the fight between the two, every time Zhang Tingting was finally angry to Beibei half dead, did not expect this time to have a long memory. The superior officer laughed and said, "Zixuan, give us a demonstration." "Good." Liu Zixuan is also eager to show her powers in front of everyone. In the past three days, as she absorbed powers a little bit, understood powers and controlled powers, her inner surprise has not calmed down. At this time, she will show her invincible powers in front of Shangguan capable people and women. As the voice fell, Liu Zixuan said to Shangguan Able Person, "Husband, come and punch me." "Hit you?" The superior officer was stunned. Yes "Don't worry," said Liu Zixuan with a smile! You won't hurt me. Liu Zixuan was so confident that he made Shangguan feel more interesting. He squeezed his hands together and made a sound of GABA GABA: "Interesting. In that case, I won't stand on ceremony." Say that finish, Shangguan capable person a punch toward Liu Zixuan mercilessly smashed down, he is not afraid of Liu Zixuan injury, after all, there is a ring to protect it! Without concern, the power of Shangguan Able Person's fist is not small, enough to have a great force, but when Shangguan Able Person's fist is only ten centimeters away from Liu Zixuan, a distorted space suddenly appeared in front of Liu Zixuan, and the next moment,pumpkin seed extract, a fist flew out in front of Shangguan capable person, and hit Shangguan capable person in the face with a bang. "Ah-" superior officer able person falls to the ground at a draught, covering a face to scream: "Ache dead home. 。