The world is full of songs

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I'll sleep for a while. Fan Tian will come later and call me. With a languid grunt, he turned sideways and turned his back to me.

I'll sleep for a while. Fan Tian will come later and call me. With a languid grunt, he turned sideways and turned his back to me. As I listened, I did not know whether to laugh or cry. Seeing that the enemy was deploying troops and arranging troops by the water beside the mountain, he was still in the mood to go to sleep when his eyebrows were burning? But then I thought about his wisdom and thoughts, and I took a deep breath. Although I was anxious, I knew I could trust him. And you should trust him. I got up and blew out the lights and stepped out of the tent. On the other side of the Han River, torches filled the sky, and thousands of silk banners spread out in the wind like smoke and clouds under the leaping light. Red armor spread all over the mountains and fields, densely packed. I don't know how many millions of people, shield armor Ge, machete cold arrows, each blade condensed a ray of flame, thousands gathered, and the momentum of Mang Mang could shine brightly. The walls of the Western Tombs were high and strong, and in the dim light of night, the beacon towers were in flames, and the black smoke billowed into the sky, making the floating clouds dark and sinking. As I watched, I thought to myself: Although the city's urgent distress signal can be sent out, even if the Southern Liang court on the other side of the city has the intention to rescue, I'm afraid there are no soldiers to send.. I turned my eyes to think about it, and suddenly I felt something was wrong. I had missed one person. He was the closest to the Western Tombs, and the most dangerous one was Jinggufu. I couldn't help looking up at the bright moon in the sky again, thinking about the incredible crescent moon array, in a trance. There was the sound of drums and bugles in my ears,turmeric extract powder, and when I heard it, it turned out to be the sound of a bugle for dinner in our camp. After standing for a moment, I turned back to the tent. No face has his own arrangement, no matter how chaotic and anxious I am, it is useless to think so, although I feel helpless, my heart is settled down. The lights in the inner tent had gone out, and the black jade screen separated the light of the outer tent, and the halo was hazy. Occasionally, the night wind rises,turmeric extract powder, and the clear moonlight is sprinkled from the gap between the curtains lifted by the wind. Although the silver is fine, it shines a little bit on the line of sight in front of us, and also reflects the bright armor worn by the man on the soft collapse. The glass lock is thin and clear, and when touched, it is as cold as water, sharp and cold. I stretched out my fingers and gently removed the bamboo slips covering his face. When I was about to leave, my arm was pulled. Are you awake? I turned my head in surprise. Under the bright moonlight, his handsome face was deeply sleepy. He frowned, closed his eyes and did not answer. He only dragged me back with his hands, pulled me down beside him, and then put his arms around him and hugged me. You I struggled carefully and lowered my eyes. The man beside me pressed his face on my neck, breathing long, his face quiet, and clearly fell asleep again. I blinked and let him hold me to death, not daring to move again. From time to time, the noisy and tense sound outside the tent came to my ears. I looked at the dark blue night sky in the distance through the curtain lifted, and stared at the crescent moon alone. In his sleep, phycocyanin spirulina ,stesweet stevia, Wuyan moved slightly, suddenly raised his head, reached out to hold my face close to his chest, and then hugged my shoulder tightly. The glass was so hard and cold that my skin ached, but through the thick and cold armor, I heard that his heartbeat was so firm and powerful that it seemed that the sky and the universe were all in it. The ups and downs of the world, in front of him, were all passing clouds that could not be mentioned. With this in mind, my eyes suddenly fixed, quietly looking at the bright moon in the sky, the mood suddenly stabilized. As time goes by, the light of the moon is rare. The crescent moon array. I gazed and suddenly realized something in my mind. When the side of the tent leaks Dendrobium, it refers to Hai, and the sound outside the tent is slightly fixed. Suddenly there was a sharp roar in the air, and I glanced at it and saw the golden arrow fire of our army flying obliquely from the sky in front of the bright moon. Suddenly, outside the tent, there was the thunder of war drums, the neigh of horses, and even the trampling of iron hooves from the rear from far to near. When the attack came, the mountains trembled. Such weather, I am afraid there are tens of thousands of people. No face. I was stunned and subconsciously turned to call the people around me. I do not know when the long and narrow phoenix eyes have opened, sharp edge in the beautiful eyes between the faint slide, he first twisted his eyebrows, and then Shumei smile. When I was about to ask again, he immediately got up and let me go, put on his cloak, and took his sword. Then I got up and poured him a cup of tea. "There are a large number of troops in the rear." Wu Yan took the teacup, nodded, and looked calm: "Don't worry, that's the twenty thousand knights brought by Hou Xutuo.". ” I was surprised and surprised. "Isn't he in Hirano?"? When did you get here? Why is there no movement at all? Wuyan drank all the tea and smiled. He handed the cup back to me and said, "When Hou Xutuo came to Xiling in the afternoon, the Han River burst its banks. With such a loud noise, naturally everyone didn't realize that someone was coming to help from the rear." I bit my lip and silently put down the cup. After looking at me for a while, he suddenly smiled and said softly, "Do you blame me for hiding it from you?" I shook my head. As soon as his eyes moved, he took a step forward and was about to approach me when Fan Tian's loud voice outside the tent suddenly rang out: "Hou Ye!"! There is a reward. No face purses her lips. I turned my eyes to my armor and asked him, "This battle.." Can I go? No face smiled and asked, "What's the matter?"? Don't trust me? I do not hesitate to nod, even if the heart is sure of the war, but where the weapon relative, I am always not at ease. He raised his eyebrows and looked at me with clear eyes. "Then change your clothes." "Well," I smiled happily, and when I turned to change my armor, I thought about it and pushed him out of the screen first. "You wait for me outside." He frowned again with a seemingly helpless expression. I quickly changed my armor, took the bow, put the arrow on my back, and went out. Candles were flickering in the outer tent, and under the flickering light and shadow, Fan Tianyi said, "The golden arrows and open flames were sent out at the same time on both sides of the east and west. General Meng blocked the flow of water again in the upper reaches of the Han River. At three o'clock, the water level of the Han River was so low that our troops could cross the river.". General Bai's five thousand knights had made a detour to the right wing of the Liang army, and General Hou's twenty thousand Xuanjia troops arrived by their fingers. They were waiting for Yu Hou's instructions. Wu Yan hesitated for a moment, then suddenly changed his words and said, "Did you have a good dinner?" "According to Hou Ye's command, tonight's meal is hot and delicious, and the soldiers are happy to eat.". General Hou also said that tonight's meal in his army was thicker than the usual day. It was no longer cold soup for the army,akba boswellic acid, but hot food. Have no face to smile: "So good." As soon as my heart moved, I put down my bow and held the dessert plate on the side of my hand. I said to him with a smile, "Everyone has eaten. It seems that the Marquis hasn't had dinner yet." 。