The misfortune of rebirth

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Huo Cheng dodged in and gently put Anxun on the carpet. You stand for a while and I'll get a towel.

At that moment, her eyes were suddenly sour, and her heart was clenched like a dull pain. There are many people around the hotel during this period. There are many people who come to kill and are killed. Every midnight, in the dead of night, under the cover of heavy rain, unremarkable cars slowly drove out from every corner to carry away the loaded bodies. His people have been watching her. He had not come to see her for a long time. Long to miss in the bottom of my heart crazily long, pressed her to be obedient and obedient, she has not been noisy and obedient to wait for him here, but why he arrived tonight, but not up? There was a faint smell of darkness in the air. Tyrannical and desolate. The next moment, the shadow of indifference in the wind and rain turned around as if to go! An Xun was startled. Like a wounded rabbit, she grasped the cold window frame firmly, and the next moment she raised her hand to break the window handle and pushed the glass out! "Ah Cheng-!" She called out his name from the top of the high building. The cold rain drenched her dress in an instant. Acheng! She called again, almost her whole upper body out of the window, and he heard it at last. Huo Cheng Leng suddenly looked back! He did not hold an umbrella, the whole person was soaked with rain, blurred vision looked ahead of the tall building in the heavy rain, late at night, only a few windows were lit, he remembered the floor where Anxun was, looked up, two seconds later in a dimly lit small window to see a touch of white shadow. It was Anxun's hand waving desperately. The next moment she shrank and disappeared into the picture! All around was the roar of heavy rain. It hurts like a pinprick on the shoulder! Be stupefied for a few seconds, the top of the head is a flash of lightning again, wake up the moment Huocheng hurriedly took out the mobile phone to make a phone call, a press only to find that the mobile phone was turned off. Hard frown in the heart of a low curse,ceramic bobbin heater core, Huo Cheng started to run in the direction of the hotel, just ran forward a few steps, after the rain curtain of the bright hotel lobby is rushed out of a person. She ran into the heavy rain! At that moment, his whole heart tightened with the cold rain! Such a night, such a rain, seemed to crush the slender figure between the blurred mist, Huocheng gritted his teeth and could only run a few steps quickly, and before he could take off his shoulder coat, the girl soaked in the heavy rain had crashed into his arms in an instant! The thunder fell in my ears. He heard her muffled voice in his arms. I don't know whether to call his name or a low voice in his throat, as fragile as a small animal crying. It was bitterly cold all around. What emotions spread crazily in the bottom of my heart at that moment! He hugged her hard in the next moment, feeling that the body in his arms was almost as cold as his own, and when he realized something, Ceramic Bobbin ,alumina c799, he let go of his hand and looked down to see her bare feet on the ground! The dark coat was pulled down and pressed on Anxun's shoulder, although the coat was already dripping wet. She had no shoes, only a long coat that had just covered her buttocks, and two long white legs were exposed below. How dare she run out like that! Huo Cheng went down and picked him up! His face was very bad, his frowning eyebrows revealed a complex and unhappy mood in his heart, and he looked down at the girl's drooping eyebrows in his arms. At this time, Anxun suddenly became surprisingly quiet. She never said a word again, and there was no superfluous expression on her face. She lowered her head and did not look at him, just as it was not her who had called people on the roof before and then rushed into the rain regardless. The silence at that moment seemed to dissolve into the cold night rain, bringing a chill that soaked the body and mind. Huo Cheng tightened his arms and seemed to want to say something when he lowered his eyes, but he did not say a word again. He walked towards the hotel with the girl in his arms. I felt a heavy weight on my shoulders when I was approaching. She leaned her head into his arms, holding his collar firmly in the palm of her hand. —— When the two men entered the door, the security guard was startled and avoided directly. The lady at the front desk recognized Anxun and was shocked to see the two people who were dripping soup and water come in. She watched them go to the elevator and forgot to open her mouth. The elevator soon arrived, Huo Cheng hugged Anxun to go in, turned around and pressed down the floor. He could feel her trembling. Frowning, he lowered his head to her forehead. "Cold?" She shook her head. Soon, we'll be there soon. In the quiet space, his voice sounded dull and deep. She nodded. Soon the elevator arrived, he strode out with her in his arms, and soon to the door, Anxun moved and took out the room card from his pocket. With a beep, the electronic lock is unlocked. Huo Cheng buckled the handle and kicked the door open, and a warm wind came out of the room. An Xun tidied up the room very warmly. She even matched the sofa with her favorite blanket and pillow, and bought a new quilt cover and sheet for the bed. There was a warm wall lamp in the room, a big soft bed, a dry carpet, and the smell of incense and candles floating faintly in the room, all of which made people relax slowly. Huo Cheng dodged in and gently put Anxun on the carpet. You stand for a while and I'll get a towel. He turned around and walked to the bathroom. When he passed the bedside, he saw the open window at the head of the bed. He closed it and went to the bathroom to draw two bath towels. He picked one up and put it on Anxun's head. Her hair was soaked through, and the curly ends of her hair were covered with water. Looking at the bloodless little face, Huocheng was irritable and distressed, and when her fingertips rubbed her small auricle through the bath towel, Anxun suddenly raised his head. She was only a little higher than his shoulders when she was not wearing shoes, and when she looked up, her big black eyes looked straight into his eyes, which were so dark that there was no light in them. Four eyes face each other, Huo Cheng moves a stagnation, the next moment seems to be silent depressed atmosphere, slowly diffuse between the two. It seems that no one's mood is on the point tonight. Depressed and lonely, and it seems that there is something that can no longer be suppressed to flourish, disturbing the cold air. Want to see,Alumina Ceramic C795, but do not want to see. There are two opposite obsessions in my mind and heart at the same time tonight. Two people who are not smart, how can not understand such a time, see who is the greatest salvation.