Out of the house by Sunset Rose

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She sat down and just urged Yu Meiyuan. As he ate, he said, "Auntie, please." Yu Meiyuan smiled and stuffed a mouthful of meat into his mouth.

You.. You Holding her hands in her hands, the woman stood up from the ground in pain and anger. "The old lady ordered us to search for the stolen goods, but the girl didn't want to cooperate. How could she humiliate us instead?"? I must report back to the old lady and let her make decisions for us. Yu Meiyuan kicked his feet and embroidered shoes flew far away. Go, take it and look at it carefully! I would like to see what gold and silver you can dig up from it! A dog is a powerful thing! She scolded with a sneer, without any mercy. "I've asked you to search the house, and the girls have searched one by one, but you're pushing your luck and come to search me casually?"? Give you some face, really take yourself as a master? Go to the old lady and tell her to arrest me. I'd like to know what I've done to make a slave lift my skirt! She stopped talking and stood up, and the woman was shocked by her to be half short and took two steps back. Someone in the back picked up the shoes and turned them over and handed them over to smooth things over: "These shoes are clean. Don't be angry, girl.". "Mother Lin was impatient and didn't mean to neglect the girl." The man said he would come up to put on her shoes, and Huo Zheng quickly stepped forward and took the shoes back from the man's hand. Yu Meiyuan stood on the ground wearing only thin socks. When he saw her, he pulled her back to the couch and held the soles of her feet on one knee. Her feet were small, only the size of his palm, and he could pinch the arcs on both sides of her feet through thin socks, which was inexplicably hot. After putting on her shoes carefully, he straightened her skirt and stood back beside her without saying a word from beginning to end. The woman was trampled on her hand and cut by Yu Meiyuan. She hated it in her heart, but the people below could not find out why they were here. Finally, she could only give up and throw the curtain away. A farce was just over. That night, Mrs. Du didn't find what she wanted in the garden. After a noisy night, there was no good sleep in the garden. Because of this raid, many people were driven out of the garden, and the courtyards were gloomy. All the people in the East Garden had their tails between their legs, and the masters and maids of the courtyards all huddled in their rooms and did not go out easily. So calm for three days, the garden is no longer unusual, people gradually began to move. These three days,asrs warehouse, Yu Meiyuan did not go out of the courtyard of the Warm Pavilion and concentrated on practicing martial arts. She now has less time to sleep at night, either practicing the whip method or studying the Gui Hai Jing, but she is still in good spirits in the morning. "Gui Hai Jing" has some miraculous effects. Every night, as long as she sinks down and concentrates on her luck, it seems that the violent atmosphere during the day will slowly dissipate. She did not know the reason, but felt that every time she exercised, her mind was calm and comfortable. Vaguely, she felt that there were signs of loosening the bottleneck of Gui Hai Jing from the second to the third, but when she wanted to rush the third, it seemed that something was missing, she did not know. It was not until the evening of the third day that she stepped out of the yard with only Tan Huan. Huo Zheng followed her with a food box in his hand. Two people walk not fast, also did not talk, heavy duty rack manufacturers ,push back racking system, Yu Meiyuan all the way do not know what to think, on the way met a girl to say hello to her, she also ignored. She didn't laugh until she reached her destination. Long Zhaitang, the second aunt's present residence. Without Yu Zonghan's orders, the second aunt was still grounded and unable to step out of the yard. The square inch in front of the Changzhai Hall was where she did her daily activities. Yu Meiyuan took the food box from Huo Zheng and made him stand outside the door. She went into the courtyard of Changzhai Hall alone. He Shi is sitting in the yard sewing clothes. In the evening, when the sun was sinking and the light was dim, she looked hard at the embroidery needle in her hand and concentrated on sewing, but did not notice the arrival of Yu Meiyuan. There was no one in the courtyard, and the maid who served her did not know where to go, leaving her alone. Yu Mei looked at her as she walked away. Mrs. Ho had lost a lot of weight. She was wearing a half-worn thin bamboo green jacket with a turmeric skirt. She had changed her bright dress of the past. Her long hair was only tied up at will. Her face was plain white, and her concentration showed a gentleness that she had never seen before. Second aunt. She called. He Shi's expression was shocked, and he turned to see her both surprised and happy, but still with a trace of anger. There you are at last! She stood up and the clothes on her knees fell to the ground. Yu Meiyuan put down the food box and bent over to pick up the dress. Moon white in the middle of the clothes, men's style, above the fine stitches, he sewed very carefully. "For my father?" She handed her clothes to Ho, and when she saw a little mockery in her eyes, she changed her tune and said, "Do it for Zhang Hua." "Ho took back his clothes, raised his eyebrows, and again showed his former bared teeth and brandished claws." It's none of your business. What you said before, does it still count? It was not easy for Ho to wait for her, and now there was no need to waste half a minute. Yu Meiyuan opened the food box, brought out a few dishes of side dishes and bowls and chopsticks from inside, and put them on the small table next to her. She looked around again, moved a small stool by herself, and sat down opposite Ho. Sit down, aunt. You can't open it in Changzhai Hall. It's hard for you. I've prepared food for you today, and we'll ask the Bodhisattva to smell the meat. She said and put a chopstick of meat into her bowl. Not to mention, he could not help swallowing saliva when he smelled the smell of meat. Don't dawdle with me, say it quickly! She sat down and just urged Yu Meiyuan. As he ate, he said, "Auntie, please." Yu Meiyuan smiled and stuffed a mouthful of meat into his mouth. "Is Sun Yingsheng good?" He Shi was staring at the meat. When he heard the name of "Sun Ying," he gnashed his teeth and said, "That hateful little bitch has seduced my son into indulging in fun all day long and not doing his proper work. No matter how I persuade him or how I stop him, it is useless. Instead, he and I are getting more and more separated. Tell me, is there any way to make her leave Zhang Hua? "Sun Ying that person, the means is good.". I heard.. Her mother died early, and there was a concubine in her father's house who was born in a brothel. In order to send Sun Ying to the dignitaries in the future,mobile racking systems, her father asked the concubine to transfer/teach her. This woman has all the five poisons. She knows all the dirty tricks outside, but she has an innocent little face. People can't see the poison under the skin. Aunt should be careful. Yu Meiyuan's words came slowly, which made He Shi frightened. Is there such a father in the world? Let the daughter learn these lewd/sorcery/evil/way in order to climb the rich. jracking.com