The phoenix sings all over the world

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"Who?" "Well!" Nalan Rongruo called out softly, and as soon as he finished, he was fixed in place by Yan. Wait to see the person, the heart is startled, black masked, assassin?

"Who?" "Well!" Nalan Rongruo called out softly, and as soon as he finished, he was fixed in place by Yan. Wait to see the person, the heart is startled, black masked, assassin? Unexpectedly chased to the mansion, the big prince is too bold day! Secretly clenched his fist. Behind, Xiao Ling followed slowly out, Nalan Rongruo is a shock, red mask! Is it the King of Hell? King of Hell? Not yet approaching, Xiao Ling waved to Yan, Yan immediately lifted Nalan Rongruo to the back room! After Nalan Rongruo left, Xiao Ling did not go to see Duanmu Feiyang, but lay on his side on the soft collapse in the house, squinted his beautiful eyes and dozed off! The wind is speechless! He went to Duanmu Feiyang's bedside and felt his pulse. After a while, the wind came to the soft collapse with a dark face and whispered, "Miss?" "Well?" Xiao Ling's nasal voice replied, all lazy to open their mouths! Miss, please! Those knife wounds are nothing, but Rui Wang Ye was poisoned, and poisoned for many days! If you don't understand the poison, I'm afraid the wound won't heal! Xiao Ling fiercely opened his eyes, this Duanmu has not been poisoned Pure Brightness, what is he in? Poisoned for days? Eyes suddenly clear, "can there be a way?" The wind nodded, but his face did not improve,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, "lack of a medicine, Qingyucao!" Xiao Ling also dark under the face, blue jade grass, legend only Zhao royal family has this herb, do you want to go to Zhao? Is this kid waiting? "Master, your subordinates know where this medicine is!" Xiao Ling did not ask where, but turned to look at him. Yan then said: "When the master defeated Zhao, Zhao sent a lot of treasures, including this blue jade grass!"! The emperor also rewarded it to the big prince, and his subordinates estimated that the medicine would still be there! Duanmu Wenxiao? How to catch up with all the excitement! Xiao Ling turned down from the soft collapse,jujube seed powder, flicked the folded clothes, "you stay, also ready, I will go back!" "Yes!"! Master! "Yes!"! Miss The night is deeper, and now there is really nothing but creatures that swim at night! Xiao Ling eyes a bright, unexpectedly this end of wood filial piety has not yet slept, it seems that it is really stealing chicken can not eat rice, hit the egg also flew chicken, alas! Silently fell on its eaves, lightly lifted a piece of rubble, Xiao Ling will be close to the head, will look inside carefully! "Who told you to act so recklessly, but now it's good that you haven't done it, and you've torn your face with them!"! It will be difficult to do it again! Is the old man here? Those who don't sleep at night are in a panic! "Humph!"! Ben Wang, do you want Zuo Xiang to teach you? Just did not think that this can also let them escape, anyway, this does not tear in the open, in the dark early tear, mulberry leaf extract weight loss ,pumpkin seed extract, afraid of what! Hum This kid is full of airs! But it's really a bit of a'brain white '! "Wang Ye's words are too serious!"! The old minister just thought it wasn't the right time yet, and asked Wang Ye to think twice before acting next time! The old man can endure it! "This king has his own sense of propriety!"! It's getting late. Please go back to rest early. It's so direct under the order to leave! "Wang Ye, please take care of your health. The old minister will retire." Then there was a sound of the door closing. Hum! If it weren't for your old man's support, why should the king listen to you everywhere? There was a louder sound of the door closing! What a boring drama! Xiao Ling rolled her eyes at the sky. Waiting for people to walk away, Xiao Ling dodged into the house. This guy has a lot of treasures, but it's a pity that Miss Ben is not here to collect money today! Xiao Ling has a little occupational disease, facing this touch, that look, quite a little reluctant! Around a circle, is unable to find what to look for, Xiao Ling a little angry to sit in the main seat. This guy, won't also engage in what mechanism secret passage! Dai raised her eyebrows, but her hands were still not idle to touch the desk. Squeak '.. Hmm? Eyes a turn, Xiao Ling will just action back, and came a'squeak 'sound. There was a hole in the wall behind the bookshelf. Xiao Ling raised a smirk at the corners of her mouth. She approached and took out the box in the hole. When she opened it, she saw that it was the blue jade grass she had been looking for for a long time! Sure enough, if you plant flowers intentionally, they will not bloom; if you plant willows unintentionally, the willows will be shaded! Duanmu Feiyang, count your luck, the day does not want to accept you! If you want to take it, of course, take it all, otherwise I'm really sorry for her professional ethics! Xiao Ling weighed things and escaped into the darkness! Tonight's program is too rich, but Xiao Ling is no longer want to see the running errands, tired ah! "Miss, the medicine is ready!" The wind stood beside the soft collapse with a bowl of medicine. Hello Xiao Ling doesn't want to move at all now! One word will kill the wind. The wind was defeated, and my heart cried out to God! "Miss," he said angrily, "I can't feed you like this!"! Someone has to help him up! "Yan..!" The wind really wants to buckle the bowl on Xiao Ling's head! Pulling down his face, he said, "Yan is guarding outside, Miss.." The sound of the word'sister 'is so long and helpless. So..! Reluctantly, Xiao Ling had a golden body, yawned by the way, stretched, and walked quite slowly to the bedside. He blinked his eyes and said lazily, "The way Duanmu Feiyang is dying is much more pleasing to the eye than he usually is, isn't it, the wind?" "Miss, this joke is so cold!" The wind's face is so bitter. Hehehe.. The weather is already a little cold. Didn't I say that against the weather? Xiao Ling hit ha ha, sat on the edge of the bed, wanted to help up Duanmu Feiyang, made a force, just helped up a little, can no longer go up! With a heavy face, he lamented, "Hey!"! The joke just now is really very cold, this wants to die not to live appearance, originally not pleasing to the eye! This young lady, this sentence is even colder than the one just now! The wind put down the medicine and helped Duanmu Feiyang up, leaning on Xiao Ling's body. The wind scooped up the soup and just wanted to pass it to Duanmu Feiyang's mouth. Xiao Ling, who closed her eyes and rested, could not help but open the chatterbox: "Wind, hurry up and feed!" "I know, Miss!" She wants to be early, too! "He's so heavy..!" The medicine in the spoon in the wind's hand was immediately shaken and spilled in half, a little unbearable feeling,ghana seed extract, "Miss, please don't talk any more, otherwise I don't know if the medicine will be good until dawn!" "Well?"? Uh Xiao Ling half opened his eyes and closed them again. It's so noisy! So bitter! Who is it? Duanmu Feiyang frowned slightly.