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Everyone responded enthusiastically. Shen Yu sat aside and smiled. He looked at Su Chen and Yan Ming and asked for their opinions. "

Everyone responded enthusiastically. Shen Yu sat aside and smiled. He looked at Su Chen and Yan Ming and asked for their opinions. "How do you feel?"? Do you want to play like this? The people at the table looked at the two men in unison, their eyes full of eagerness to try. The minority is subordinate to the majority. What's more, these people seem to be quite interested. It would be too disappointing for them to refute them now. Su Chen and Yan Ming smiled and stared at Shen Yu's eyes meaningfully: "Of course we have no opinion, but I'm afraid Mr. Shen will regret it!" As if he couldn't see the deep meaning in Su Chen's eyes, Shen Yu smiled and said, "That's definitely not true!" It's a deal. There's no objection to the new rules of the game, and the game begins. In the first round, the person who turns the wheel is male number four. Unexpectedly, in the first round, it was his turn to appoint someone to punish him. The fourth man laughed, "Ha ha ha ha, is my luck changed?"? It's my turn to be the first one, exciting! "Well-let me see who will be punished!" The fourth man had a bad smile, and his eyes pretended to sweep over the group of people sitting around. Those who were swept by him held their breath for fear of being punished by him. Finally, after two rounds of line of sight, the fourth man's eyes fell on Su Chen as expected. Pointing at Su Chen, he said, "Just Su Chen. Gong Xiyu stabbed me with the last sword in the play. I want revenge!" Male number four in the play is a demon repair, committed in the hands of Gong Xiyu, was stabbed by Gong Xiyu a sword to wear. The rest of the people saw that the punishment was not their own, first breathed a sigh of relief, and then looked at Su Chen laughing. Ha ha ha ha, Gong Xiyu, you are finished. You have stabbed the most people in the play, and the hatred value is too high. "Poof!"! Fang Tong, you take a good lead, so think about it, I seem to have been cut off by Gong Xiyu, then I will also punish Su Chen for revenge. "Ha ha ha ha, Fang Tong, Fang Tong, you are all called, who will you stab if you don't stab?" …… Everybody is looking at him, male number four Fang Tong is also rubbing his hands for revenge, Su Chen smiled helplessly, looking at Fang Tong: "OK,saw palmetto extract, you say." Fang Tong looked at Su Chen with a smile and asked him, "Do you want the truth or a big adventure?" Smiling, Su Chen picked up his glass and turned it around. He thought to himself: If you can't say the truth, you can really drink. But the question is, if the question is very simple, either yes or no, then whether he answers or drinks is actually the same. You can see what the answer is. But if the big adventure, if they ask too much, he will drink, the big adventure can not force him to complete the task. Thinking of this, Su Chen put down his glass and said, "Great Adventure." Fang Tong turned his eyes, looked at Su Chen and then looked at Yan Ming next to Su Chen, and suddenly said: "Then the task I give you is to kiss Yan Ming!" I didn't expect the first round to be so exciting, and everyone immediately began to pound the table, stamp their feet and cheer. Oh, oh, oh, carnosic acid price ,fenugreek saponins, oh! Awesome, Fang Tong, this is good! "Ha ha ha ha, kiss!" "Gong Xiyu, don't be a coward. Go up and press Yan Ming for a kiss!" "Kiss one, kiss one!" …… Although he knew that Shen Yu must have colluded with these people to do something. But Su Chen hears this task content, or the diaphragm should be very, obscure Chao Yanming rolled his eyes. Not to be outdone, Yan Ming gave a very light sniff and stared at Su Chen with a defensive face, as if he was afraid that Su Chen would suddenly come up and defile him. Su Chen:.. When someone wants to kiss him, it is rather self-important to speak clearly! Just like him, even Lu Chenyuan can't compare with a toe! Rolling his eyes, Su Chen picked up an unopened bottle of wine from the table, pried it with a bottle opener, and opened a bottle of wine with a "bang", "I drink!" I didn't see what I wanted to see, and everyone booed. Su Chen is not used to them, pick up the bottle, ton ton ton, dry the bottle of beer. Joking, not to mention that he and Yan Ming are just plastic brotherhood, pretending to have a good relationship is just to prevent Shen Yu from succeeding, kissing or something too much. Just say that the circle is full of people in the circle, and it is impossible for him to carry out the task of male number four. The interpersonal relationship in the circle is complicated. Who knows whether it is a person or a ghost who plays games in a circle? If someone takes a picture and sells it to the source, then he and Yanming will have to lose their skin even if they don't die. You know, he and Yan Ming can still be pulled by people at the moment, if they are photographed kissing, it is not a handle to the door to catch it, Su Chen is not stupid, can fulfill their wishes is strange. Everyone here knows that this kind of task is impossible to accomplish, so they let go after a while. When Su Chen finished a bottle of wine, the next round soon began again. Su Chen expected good, Shen Yu really did not know what method to use, these people reached an agreement, the next game has more than half of the punishment targets are him and Yan Ming two people. Look at Shen Yu's posture, he and Yan Ming are not ready to stop until they get drunk. Su Chen and Yan Ming are tacitly catching Shen Yu, as long as they turn to, no matter who, the target of punishment is Shen Yu. By the end of the drink, there were already a lot of people on the table in a daze, including Su Chen and Yan Ming, who, of course, were just pretending. Someone saw that everyone was almost drunk and worried that they would not be able to go back to the hotel. He said, "I think everyone is almost drunk. Why don't we stop? Otherwise, how can we go back to the hotel?" Shen Yu is poured by Su Chen and Yan Ming two people, now also a little on the head, but look at the opposite Su Chen and Yan Ming eyes are a little straight, the heart is very happy. I didn't expect to knock them down here, thanks to him. Thinking of this, Shen Yu sneered and interrupted the man with a wave of his hand. "It's all right," he said heroically. "I booked a room for you upstairs. You don't have to go back to the hotel today. Just rest in the club. Come on, Xiao Chen, give you a room card. We won't go home without getting drunk today!" Shen Yu's assistant, Xiao Chen, took out a stack of room cards from his satchel and distributed them one by one. They didn't expect Shen Yu to be so proud, the club's housing is not cheap, even the cheapest single room is almost ten thousand yuan a night,ghana seed extract, so many of them, a night down, Shen Yu at least have to spend hundreds of thousands!.