The reborn childe is very beautiful.

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She said that obviously several people in Tianquan also knew the relationship between Evan

She said that obviously several people in Tianquan also knew the relationship between Evan and Tianxuan, but Evan didn't know anything about the news of Tianxuan today. After a long time, his mobile phone was out of power. All right, now just wait for the chance. Ji Anyan opened his mouth. In the original plan, because Rothschild had a deal with the Moore family. So Ji Anyan intends to use the name of the transaction directly to the old house, when the time comes to find the opportunity to enter the cell, Tianxuan brought out. But there is another point, Robbie Moore has hidden Feifei and Xiaobai so deeply that neither Tianquan nor Lu Jingshu has yet found out the news. Although it may frighten the snake, Tianxuan's life must be saved! After seeing Evan off, Ji Anyan looked up at the man beside him and asked, "When are we going to move?" Lu Jingshu put down the cup in his hand and said in a faint voice, "Don't worry.". But we can explore it today. Noticing that Ji Anyan raised his eyebrows in an instant, Lu Jingshu did not answer. Instead, Mingxiu, who was standing behind him, said with a smile, "The Moore family is doing well in business, and there will be an auction this afternoon." "Auction?" "That's right." Ming Xiu suddenly smiled mysteriously,water filling machine, and the next moment, Ji Anyan knew the meaning of his smile. "The most important thing is that I heard that Leng Manluo was always in charge of the auction house." It has to be said that Leng Manluo is not quite the same as the average woman. While other women were mingling with the upper class parties, Leng Manluo was helping Robbie Moore. I guess this is also an important reason why Robbie Moore values Leng Manluo so much! "Maybe we can start with Leng Manluo, too." Ming Xiu continued. As Minhew said, maybe for Robbie Moore, Leng Manluo's side would be better. But how can such a thing as an auction break into the interior? I think there are still some difficulties. Looking at Ji Anyan's tangled eyebrows, Lu Jingshu reached out and touched the girl's head and whispered,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, "Don't worry, go to see the situation in the afternoon." "Yes." He gave a low answer. Ji Anyan smiled and picked up his cell phone. It was still early, and she just took advantage of this time to go to Weibo. Ji Anyan has always had a habit, or the habit of many artists. After the release of a variety show or a drama, they will habitually log on to Weibo to see the reaction of many netizens. Last night was the time of the latest episode of The _ King, and it's not too late to see the situation on Weibo today. Generally, artists will make an advertisement in advance before their programs are broadcast, so that they can use their popularity to increase the ratings of the programs. But last night, The _ King went out of his way. He only said that the guests had a surprise, and it was a super surprise. Then each netizen below curiosity is urgent immediately! However, using all kinds of resources on hand, I walked around countless circles under the micro-blogs of various stars and artists, water filling machine ,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, but I didn't see any useful information. In this way, the netizens became more and more curious, and all of them stayed in front of the TV. All of them laughed out loud when they saw the six regular MCs constantly calling their friends to win over the relationship. It's a pity that the members of The _ King program group have such a big brain hole, otherwise this kind of 100 artists appearing in the same variety show at the same time is really not seen! If they were surprised to see the six star artists invited by MC, then a phone call from Su Jiaze was enough to shock them speechless! Call Ji Anyan and let her attend this kind of variety show which is not a special show? In the past, netizens would not be so surprised, but the key is that Ji Anyan's social status is absolutely not generally high! But that person in power behind the scenes is enough for people in the circle to envy and hate, not to mention that she is a lady from a famous family. "For Su Jiaze this man immediately'no good feelings'!"! You should order our son like this. You need to be beaten, don't you? "Tut, tut, tut, thanks to our son who never forgets his first heart!" "I wonder who the one in the Childe's mouth is!"! Isn't it Jiang Yingdi or director Lin Da? In the circle, in terms of the degree of relationship, absolutely only Jiang Xiuran and Lin Qiuyan have the best relationship with Ji Anyan, and all three of them have unusual family backgrounds. It is no wonder that netizens have such speculation. It's just that the development of things is surprising to everyone! When they saw the man with a pair of iconic emerald eyes standing beside Ji Anyan, a group of people stared at each other! At this time, they should definitely slap themselves hard to make sure whether they are blind or not! "Ah, ah, ah!"! That's Evan! Are my eyes blind?! Ah, ah, ah! "Wo Cao, lick the screen, lick the screen!"! Our son is really awesome! "Still a childhood sweetheart?!"! My God, if I had a childhood sweetheart like Evan, I would wake up laughing in my dreams! "Doesn't anyone think Ji Anyan is showing off?" "If you're jealous upstairs, just say it. We don't blame you!"! After all, not everyone is as powerful and rich as our son, and of course, there is such a handsome boyfriend as Jing Ye! "I just want to say, Childe, is there a shortage of room cleaners in your house?"? The kind that went to college? "Childe, here, here, here is also one, not only went to college, but also proficient in eight languages!" "I'm the face of the two upstairs, but they don't want me, so sad." “……” Sure enough, his appearance with Evan really shocked most netizens. This is also for their magazine cover shoot to accumulate a certain popularity, right? At the moment when Ji Anyan wanted to put down his mobile phone, he suddenly received a text message. As soon as Ji Anyan looked at the signature,bottle blowing machine, it turned out to be He Yihuan. Anyan, do you want to receive some announcements recently? "No, I have something to do recently." 。