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Golden abacusGolden abacusGolden abacusGolden abacus

At this time, Wu Niang also understood why people like to climb up? Because standing at a high place, this field of vision is really good, a glance down, the bottom of what people are doing, is clear at a glance. The birthday party had just begun, and after two rounds of wine, a group of dancers began to dance on the dance floor. Wu Niang recruited a small abacus to feed him. As soon as he had eaten a mouthful of soup, he swept up to the three figures coming slowly at the gate of the temple and smiled. The good play was finally about to begin. Gratitude and enmity, today put out to let everyone break, lest some people always feel that they are the most aggrieved. The court-wife Zhao Hanshi has a grievance to complain about. I implore the emperor to ask all the officials in the world to make decisions for the court-wife. "As soon as Hanshi entered the Bixiao Palace, she knelt on the ground in tears. She shouted again, almost shouting:" The court-wife Zhao Hanshi has a grievance to complain about. Please ask the emperor to ask all the officials in the world to give justice to the court-woman. The court-woman will die without regret. " The Empress Dowager put down the silver chopsticks in her hand and glanced at the stiff Emperor Jingsheng. With a light laugh, she said to the startled dancers, "You all step down and let the actors in the back go back to rest. Someone is singing for them today." She waited for a long time, and finally the man came. When calm was restored in the hall, Emperor Jingsheng said, "Your Highness,face recognition identification kiosk, who is it? Why do you dare to make such a loud noise here?"? Today is the queen mother's birthday banquet, how can you cry like this? Come on, don't take them. "Well, the emperor, you don't have to play any more. The Ai family didn't think it was funny, but it was very ironic." The Empress Dowager didn't even look at Emperor Jingsheng. She smiled and said to the three people kneeling in your Highness: "The Ai family thought that this was the end of their lives. I didn't expect that after so many years, you haven't given up yet. It seems that in your eyes,digital whiteboard price, wealth and splendor are really more important than life. Han Shi didn't dress up any more today. She wore a lavender skirt and a silver mouse skin coat outside. Her body was clean. She didn't wear any jewelry. Even her hair was fixed with a white jade hairpin: "I haven't seen her for many years. I didn't expect the Empress Dowager to remember her. This is her good fortune." Looking at Zhou Zuoling's bright yellow phoenix robe, Han almost tried his best to suppress himself from running up and tearing her. Why is it that after so many years, she is still so noble and calm, even though her face is old, but the noble spirit on her body can not be concealed? Why does God treat her so well? Why? "That's thanks to Zhao Yi's death. Otherwise, even if the Ai family doesn't want to see your face again, it's hard to avoid it." When the queen mother saw the little abacus moving over, she held him in her arms and sat on her lap. With a loving face, she helped him put on his tiger-headed hat. "What are you doing here today? Let Ai Jia guess. "She looked at the emperor and smiled." Emperor, today is Ai Jia's birthday. You haven't paid your respects to Ai Jia yet. " When Wu Niang heard this, she got up and took away the small abacus sitting on the queen mother's lap. The small abacus was still small. He looked at his mother and concubine with an inexplicable face. Was it really interesting to move around like this? As soon as Emperor Jingsheng's body shook, he looked at His Highness's Han Shi and then got up and came to the Empress Dowager: "My son wishes my mother.." "Kneel down!" The Empress Dowager did not wait for Emperor Jingsheng to finish, smart interactive whiteboard ,information kiosk price, but interrupted him. Looking at his stupefied appearance, she could not help scolding him: "Ai Jia asked you to kneel down." The civil and military officials sitting below kept silent like cicadas in cold weather. The queen mother was the emperor's biological mother. It was reasonable for the emperor to kneel down. Even the supervisor and the imperial censor did not dare to recite "filial piety". For a moment, no one dared to come out to die. But anyone with a discerning eye can see that the birthday banquet of the Empress Dowager today is a big show. Emperor Jingsheng knelt down slowly: "Mother, I wish you..." "Wow.." Ah Zhou Zuoling, I hate you, to this point today, you still refuse to repent, how can I endure? Han Shi excitedly kept climbing forward: "Zhou Zuoling, since you took him away from me.." Why don't you treat him well? Why do you? He is the emperor. He's the emperor. How can you let him kneel like that? This is what she can not tolerate, in her eyes, her son is the most noble person in the world, he absolutely can not kneel to the old woman Zhou Zuoling, she is the one who gave him life. Except for those who knew about it, other officials and women wished they could cover their ears. If they knew more about the royal secret history, their lives would be gone. They came to celebrate their birthday today, not to die. Feng Shi looked at the three disgraced bitches, swept Zhao Yin sitting on her hands out of the corner of her eye, and then picked up chopsticks to continue eating. The imperial food in the palace is better than the taste outside the palace, plus this play, it is also a good meal of decapitation. Eat, eat more, this is the last meal. Several other insiders watched with interest and commented from time to time, among which Mo Shi, the wife of the Marquis of Zhenguo, was the most attentive. Mo Shi loves to go to the theatre, which is known to all the people in the capital. Today's play is just to her taste: "It's a good performance. It's better than the top Huayan of the Desheng class invited by Anping Bofu last time. If I didn't know the inside story, I would have thought it was true." The Marquis of Zhenguo was even more excessive. He took out a big bag of melon seeds from somewhere and put them in front of Mo Shi: "Han Shi has a dancer in the end, and it's normal to be able to perform." The old couple each grabbed a handful of melon seeds and knocked them loudly. They watched the play with relish, talking and laughing. Prince Su has been in a good mood recently. After all, the family is going to have a baby. With this child, he and Miaomiao have no regrets. This time he is serving the wind small meal, he also stole a little empty into, after all, who knows there is no next meal? By this time, Han Shi was already crying with tears. Wu Niang was looking at her vigorously. The little abacus frowned and pinched her little nose: "Mother, she is dirtier than the weight. The weight has a dish to wipe her nose." When Prince Zhao heard this, he pulled over his big fat son, pinched his little fleshy face, and then hugged him in his arms: "Do you know that you will follow your mother and concubine for a while?" "I know." Small abacus do not like them, his mother said last night that today is the grandmother's birthday, can not cry to laugh. For this reason,smart whiteboard price, he played for a long time last night with the one who loved to cry most, and told him many times that he would not cry today. But now his weight did not cry, but the three adults did.