A bell and a half sword

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A bell and a half swordA bell and a half swordA bell and a half swordA bell and a half sword

Gongsun Yu took one look, and although he felt quite strange in his heart, he did not think deeply. He only followed the Elder Martial Brother to roughly survey the Fairy Ape Peak from top to bottom and from left to right. After the survey, a crane Taoist sat on the stone at the waist of the peak, facing a small pool of water gathered by a flying spring on the top of the peak. He said to Gongsun Yu with a smile, "Younger Martial Brother, the shape of this peak and the surrounding situation are similar to those on the sheepskin map. The location has probably been found right, but where is the'Soft Sutra '?"? Still hard to find! We can't dig up all the stone inches of this big mountain peak! In silence, Gongsun Yu gazed at the rather clear pool of cold water. Suddenly, he seemed to have gained something. His eyebrows were slightly raised. He picked up a large piece of bluestone from the ground and threw it into the pool. He tried to find out that the depth was no more than ten feet or two. He turned to a crane Taoist and said with a smile, "Second Elder Martial Brother, the argot in the white sheepskin is'softness in softness'. The first word'softness', of course, refers to The second'soft 'word, could it refer to this pool of clear water? Elder Martial Brother, are you good at water? A crane Taoist said with a smile, "Although I'm not very good at swimming, it's still difficult for me to go to the cold pool."! But because Liuzhao Mountain is the nest of Wanyuwu, you must be especially careful. Brother Yu takes off his clothes and goes down to the pool. Younger Martial Brother, watch out! GongSunYu nodded obeyed, horizontal sword pool edge, guard carefully, a crane Taoist took off his clothes and shoes, dive into the water. Because the pool was not big, a moment later,24v Gear Motor, a crane Taoist came out of the water and said to Gongsun Yu with a wry smile, "There is nothing in the pool. Let's try to find the peak all the way along the source of water." Gongsun Yu nodded and said, "This'Rou Jing 'is related to the honor and disgrace of the school, as well as the rise and fall of good and evil. We should try our best to find it regardless of difficulties." The poor two martial brothers attached themselves to the vine and tried to find something from the spring water! But exhausted, has been to find the peak, still wish to become empty, can not help but look at each other at a loss, each other with a wry smile. I stayed at the peak of this immortal ape for four days in a row, and searched all the places that could be related to the word "soft",Micro Gear Motor, but there was still no sign of that wonderful book of martial arts! The martial brothers were full of desire, and gradually turned into ice. At this time, Gongsun Yu was standing alone and giving vent to the accumulated stuffiness in his chest. Suddenly, under the peak, like a flash of lightning, he turned over a white shadow. A crane Taoist saw that the bearer was a beautiful girl in white, whose face was as beautiful as that of Bingwei. Her long sword was drawn out of its scabbard. She looked angrily at him and said, "Is the bearer a mad thief of the six imperial edicts?" Before he had finished speaking, Gongsun Yu said, "Don't get me wrong, Elder Martial Brother. This is Miss Bian Lingyun, who I heard from you about burying the remains of my teacher and uncle, and who showed great kindness to my Tiannan faction." Then she turned to Bian Lingyun and asked with a frown, "Sister Yun has seen my Second Elder Martial Brother Yihe. Why did you come here in such a hurry with a handsome face?" When Bian Lingyun heard this, he first courted a crane Taoist. The crane Taoist saw that this woman had a heart of ice and a bone of jade. She was so cool and gorgeous that she secretly congratulated the Younger Martial Brother for knowing people. He also returned the courtesy to himself and said with a smile, "Miss Bian's kindness to me is as heavy as a mountain. Please be angry with the poor Taoist for the crime of being reckless and impolite." Bian Lingyun replied modestly, "It's everyone's duty to act bravely for a just cause. The Taoist Priest doesn't have to be so modest. Please blame Bian Lingyun for having something important to do. Don't be too polite." At this point, he turned to Gongsun Yu and said in a hurried voice, brushless gear motor ,micro gear motor, "After Zhao Lingzhu disappeared in the Chunyang Palace, Wan Yuwu became very suspicious and secretly sent his confidant to search around."! I don't know how your behavior fell into the eyes of Lingfang, who was always in the same mood with Zhao Lingzhu and Shen. After returning, the God of the six imperial edicts sent Qin Lingling's elder sister to lead the other six daughters to come and make trouble! Gongsun Yujian raised his eyebrows, and his handsome eyes flashed with divine light, shouting, "What's the harm in provoking trouble?"? Our martial brothers are just in time to fight with Wan Yu at the Meridian Gate. It's good to cut off a few of his pawns. Bian Lingyun was so anxious that Xiudun frowned and said, "Brother Yu, what did you do before I finished speaking?"? Because of Du Linglao's daily provocation, the God of the six imperial edicts has gradually become suspicious of Qin Lingye's elder sister, and the crisis is quite serious! Therefore, when you are young, you'd better ask the Taoist Priest to retire first. After you cut off Du Lingfang, you pretend to be captured by Sister Qin, and then escape on the way back to Chunyang Guan. In this way, all the women will report back according to their love, and the God of Six Letters will be able to restore trust in Sister Qin Lingye! Although a crane Taoist heard a lot of Zhao Lingzhu, Zhang Lingfang, and Qin Lingye's daughter's name, he guessed that there must be something hidden, but in front of Bian Lingyun, he could not ask deeply. When Gongsun Yu saw what Bian Lingyun had said, he knew that Qin Lingyun was in a very difficult situation. He turned to a crane Taoist and said with a smile, "This is the plot. Let me report it to Elder Martial Brother. Can you do what Miss Bian wants now?" A crane Taoist smiled and nodded his head. Bian Lingyun glanced at the road and saw several white shadows flashing. He said to Gongsun Yu with a smile, "Brother Yu, draw your sword quickly. Don't stand on ceremony. Attack me seriously and let me see how good your martial arts are." GongSunYu for days to seek the riddle, find extremely stuffy, to feel BianLingYun this kind of practice is interesting, sword shield one Xuan, hand shoulder, long sword stand for dragon sing, open the door of the day south. Because Bian Lingyun really did not know Gongsun Yu's martial arts skills, and Qin Lingyun had already led other fellow disciples to come, he had already put his sword in his hand and said, "Brother Yu, be careful!"! Scattered sword flowers, immediately flying all over the sky, fantastic moves. Gongsun Yu calmly shook the sword, and the light of the sword seemed to form a big green lotus in front of him. After blocking Bian Lingyun's offensive, he stabbed him with a light sword. Bian Lingyun pushed his sword and refused it. He frowned and cried, "Why isn't Brother Yu obedient?"? That's no good. We have to play decently! When Gongsun Yu heard that the daughters of the six imperial edicts were already on the bees, he knew that he really couldn't show any more traces. Besides, he wanted to show off what he had learned in front of his sweetheart. He winked at Bian Lingyun and deliberately shouted, "The cheap maidservant of the six imperial edicts!"! Who can be frightened by the name of Wan Yu Wu? Don't be so rampant and not accept your life? In the middle of the words, the sword performs a series of three wonders within the Wulin Tiannan Swordsmanship, the "Dragon Gate Three Leaps" dense net Tianluo "Donglai Ziqi", and adds a move of "pushing the moon behind closed doors" in the star's palm. In an instant, the shadow of the sword runs like lightning and thunder, and the wind of the palm is like shaking mountains and mountains. When Bian Lingyun saw that Gongsun's three swords and one palm could be so powerful, he couldn't help but feel relieved, but with a smile, he showed his charming dimple. Under the peak, there was a whizzing sound, and two girls in white dressed in the same costume as her were already turned over. Left one, it is Qin Ling calyx,Small Geared Motors, right one, although the figure is quite graceful, but the face reveals the spirit of leisurely flying. ichgearmotor.com