Midnight Owl

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Qian Ai, who had already been hit hard, looked at his lovely fist and Chi Yingxue:

Qian Ai, who had already been hit hard, looked at his lovely fist and Chi Yingxue: "What kind of metaphor is this?" Xu Wang and Kuang Jinxin are quiet and have a tacit understanding. They know very well who should be on the stage at this popular science moment. The epiphytic flower is not the flower of the tree, but just attached to the tree. It brings more water to the tree, and the tree provides it with a habitat. "Wu Junshi knocked on the blackboard and drew the key points for his new teammates." They are two kinds of plants, free to love. " Chi Yingxue:.. Thank you Since joining this team, there has always been an indescribable subtle mood, which is climbing up step by step. Captain, the love line is clear, but how to hand in the paper? "Kuang Jinxin just opened his brows and tied them again." "I'm not sure," Xu Wang glanced at the epiphytic flower on the ground, "but at least send it back?" Qian Ai did not turn around: "Send back where?" "On the tree." Xu Wang said, awe-inspiring, "This is the love of trees and flowers, we do not return the flowers, forced separation, that is not the law of the sea?" “……” Precise example, metaphor image, Qian Ai has the intention to refute, unable to save the day. To return flowers to trees, it is natural to re-enter the oil painting. A group of people returned to 1310 at the fastest speed,liquid bottle filling machine, and then there was no more. The room, which was always on fire, changed its previous hospitality and seemed deserted as if no one had lived in it for a long time. The oil painting on the wall is still there, but the color is dim and plain, and there is no more vivid and weird. Embarrassed, Qian Ai looked at his own captain: "Hard to drill in?" Xu Wang swallowed the next saliva, brain fill, has felt the pain of clanging into the big wall: "just break through a pass,plastic bottle making machine, also need not take life to fight..." "Is the only way to return flowers to trees is to wear oil paintings?" Kuang Jinxin asked. Xu Wang can only think of this at present, but obviously, the way is not right. Not necessarily. Wu Sheng, who had been silent, opened his mouth. Four partners look at him together. Suddenly he went to the window and looked at the lawns below. "Come and see," he said. Four people do not know why, immediately gathered in the past, watching outside the window. Pointing to the only intact lawn where the excavator was approaching, Wu Sheng asked, "Does it look familiar?" The surviving lawn, about the size of a basketball court, was planted with a big tree, which was lush and shady. Compared with the pitted and fallen vegetation in other places, it was like a peach blossom land. The direction is so obvious that if four people don't understand what Wu Sheng means, they can really shake their heads and listen to the sea. But Qian Ai: "Are you a little farfetched?" Kuang Jinxin: "Brother Sheng, Beverage packing machine ,Vegetable oil filling machine, you can't see a tree and say it's the one in the oil painting." Remembering Wu Sheng's superior intelligence quotient during the previous discussion, Chi Yingxue raised the corners of his mouth and deliberately imitated the tone of the other side: "Evidence." Wu Sheng: "First, before the castle was built here, it was the location of the village. Second, the design style of this tree is not integrated with that of the entire front lawn, and there is a suspicion that it is deliberately highlighted to attract people's attention. Third, if you look carefully at its branches, you will find that they are obviously sparse in several places, and there are signs of breaking by external forces. Fourth, I remember what it looks like." From the moment it threw branches to attack Xu Wang, Wu Sheng deeply branded the little tree classmate in his mind and recognized him when he turned into ashes. Qian Ai rolled his eyes: "If you had said the fourth one, it would have been over." Kuang Jinxin is eager to try: "Shall we go down now?" Xu Wang restrained the impulse of fancy praise and patted his strategist on the shoulder deeply: "Not bad." “……” Chi Yingxue looked at the four people in front of him, and for the first time, there was a trace of coolness on his back. Is this kind of blind trust without logic a cult? Is it a cult? Boom- When everyone was unprepared, a new explosion started again! The explosion was the only lawn left, and because the explosion point was a little closer, the shock wave directly cracked the glass in front of the five people! The turf and soil were flying all over the sky in the smoke of gunpowder, and the hearts of the five people were tight. The key to your plot may just be the passers-by on the task line, the people who dig the ground and blow up the pit, who don't care which tree has a relationship with you! The little friends pushed the window open with seven hands and eight feet, and the smoke and dust came to their faces. They could not see anything at all, but could only vaguely hear the fighting and shouting. Battle? [Owl: Someone has used lt [defense] magic beans gt on you ~ ~] The confused little friends were caught off guard by the sound of being locked by the armor. Before they could think about it, a huge green pea sprout rose from the window. In an instant, it grew up to their window. The broad leaves came flat and slowly, just like an invitation. At the same time, most of the smoke dispersed. The remaining lawn was also blown into a pit, but strangely, only the tree was still there, together with the one-meter-square turf under its roots, like an isolated island in the ocean. Its branches swayed wildly in the sunshine, repelling the intruders who tried to approach again and again. The five men had given up the blast stream and sent four men to fight with it, leaving one man, driving an excavator, sneaking close to the edge of the pit, and was about to approach the tree from the side! Chi Yingxue was the first to jump on the leaves. When she looked back, her teammates didn't move. She gently raised her eyebrows: "Can't you go down?" Only then did Xu Wang understand: "Your stationery?" Down, of course, but the new teammates will not move too fast ah! Chi Yingxue smiled leisurely, skipped the obvious question and went straight to the next link: "Excavator, give it to me." Simple six words, light tone, deep expectation, deep happiness. As the last little friend stood firm on the leaves, the towering stem of the magic bean suddenly changed direction, and the branches and leaves grew crazily towards the battlefield! In the blink of an eye, the four of them had been sent to the tree, even closer to the trunk than the four men who had encircled and suppressed the tree! And Chi Yingxue jumped on another leaf early, and now the soldiers were divided into two groups and arrived at the excavator at the same time! A moment after landing,PET bottle Mold, Chi Yingxue jumped up, not caring whether the track of the excavator would roll up to him at all, and jumped directly into the back of the excavator! The four men unde that tree didn't even see what he was doing when they heard a crash of broken glass. gzxilinear.com