Ambiguous master

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Ambiguous masterAmbiguous masterAmbiguous masterAmbiguous master

Don't worry, I'll be there in ten minutes. Hey, these guys are too arrogant! Lin Feng snorted coldly. I'll wait for your good news! Li Yang hung up the phone with a smile, glanced at the door, and turned back to continue cooking noodles. Just ignore their door smashing behavior. Captain, the door of his house is really strong! A subordinate smashed his fist to be swollen and turned back to say with a sad face. Continue Zheng Tu snorted coldly. Fine "Bang, bang, bang." Keep smashing the door. I don't believe you won't come out! Zheng Tu thought ferociously. At this time, the surrounding neighbors were also attracted by the sound of smashing the door, and looked at Zheng Tu curiously. They were surprised to see their explosion-proof vehicles, and then they were even more shocked to see that they were fully armed and wanted to catch the robbers. Have relayed, so soon, we all know, there is a group of explosion-proof brigade of bird people in the door of Li Yang's house,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, crazy smash, very hateful. Hula la la la.. From far to near, the sound of footsteps came in succession, and soon Li Yang's house was surrounded by watertight, swarthy heads. One by one, the people looked angry and stared angrily at the explosion-proof personnel. The subordinate who smashed the door lost his strength and dared not smash it. He looked at them in fear and held the gun tightly in his hand to enhance his self-confidence. Team,Planetary Gear Motor, captain, what shall we do? The subordinate asked in fear. To tell the truth, Zheng Tu's own heart is also in the hair, so many people around, eager to bite you, is a person to be nervous and perturbed. What are you doing? "Zheng Tu asked sternly." What are you doing? Someone in the crowd asked. We're enforcing the law? Zheng Tu suddenly remembered his identity and said with a straight back. Violent law enforcement? "Nonsense!"! There are people who resist the law, extremely dangerous violent people, and we have to do this. Zheng Tu said confidently. Oh, where's the evidence? "Proof — my word is proof!" Zheng Tu suddenly found that he had no evidence. It was a very humiliating thing, and I was a little angry. Your words are a fart! The guy hiding in the crowd is really fearless, Small Dc Gear Motor ,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, anyway, you can't see me! "Who?"? Come out and speak to me! Zheng Tu was furious and pointed at the crowd and roared. I'm your father, you Sabi! Why didn't I put you on the wall or in the cover at the beginning? I regret it. Don't, don't, don't wear a helmet when you do things in the future, and don't go out. "Ah-you want to die!" Zheng Tu went crazy, pulled out the pistol and loaded it with a click, and suddenly swung around. The crowd took a few steps back, but the man still did not come out, and no one corrected him. Zheng Tu was so angry that his lungs were about to explode, and he was breathing heavily. Those subordinates couldn't help laughing, but they didn't dare to laugh. Why did you give birth to such an unfilial son? Do you want to shoot Lao Tzu? The man's voice sounded again in the distant crowd. Ah Zheng Tu went crazy, raised his pistol and took aim at the crowd over there. Stop it! A loud shout was like a bolt from the blue, which made everyone's ears ring and even tingle. The crowd showed a look of shock and looked at the drinker in disbelief. But the sound came from Li Yang's house. At the same time, the door of Li Yang's house opened with a bang. Li Yang came out with an angry look on his face, his eyes like lightning, and he stared at Zheng Tu coldly with a commanding taste. What a law enforcement officer! What a violent man! Are you going to shoot here? Are you going to shoot unarmed civilians? Li Yang walked down the steps step by step, asking questions step by step. The voice is like Huang Zhong Da Lu, the penetrating power is astonishing, each sound is almost in the people's mind, the shock. Yeah, you want to shoot us? This time is already a surge of emotion, Zheng Tu this gun behavior, has completely angered them, so that they can no longer endure, a complete outbreak. "What kind of law enforcement are you?" "Are you the so-called black-hearted law enforcer?" "Whose interests do you represent?" All of a sudden, the sound of questioning came like a flood. Zheng Tu, who was bombarded, turned pale and pale as earth. He could not help but take a step back. The gun in his hand had already fallen down and he dared not raise it any more. You, you are resisting the law. This is an attack on a law enforcement officer. Zheng Tu accused the crowd with trembling lips. Where is your law enforcement power? Li Yang asked. My clothes represent the power of law enforcement! Zheng Tu regained some strength and patted his chest and said. Oh What do you think those people do? Li Yang suddenly raised his arm and pointed to the distance and said. Who are they? Zheng Tu subconsciously looked over with his fingers, and his face suddenly became very ugly. It's really imposing. I don't know what some people who have a very long hand are doing? Now that you have the ability to stretch your hand so long, you have to do things well, don't you? Don't stretch out your hand and you can't get anything done. Isn't that a shame? Lin Feng took Guan Ling and several other SWat team members, and Shi Shiran came over. Lin Feng,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, there is nothing for you here. Mind your own business! Zheng Tu's face was gloomy. Is it? But how can I report a phone call that someone is trying to rob a house and forcibly break the door into a resident's home. And there's no warrant! I wonder if there is such a thing? Lin Feng was not afraid at all and came over easily. Zheng Tu suddenly turned his head and looked at Li Yang. "Is that you?" So what if it's me? Do I have to raise my hand to welcome you if you want to break in? Then I'm too cheap. This is my home. It's natural to protect my home. Li Yang looked at Zheng Tu without fear. You've already colluded? Zheng Tu also knew that because of this incident, Zhao Yunlong Lin Feng and their riot brigade completely fell out, who let them forcibly rob their jobs this time.