Heroic ambition

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Chang Xuehen jumped up and scolded, "Boss!"! There is no need to say more to such

Chang Xuehen jumped up and scolded, "Boss!"! There is no need to say more to such pedantic people! His grandmother's son of a bitch, I killed him with a knife! With these words, he drew his sword out of its scabbard and rushed toward Lu Yun. "When Xie Tao saw that he was really impulsive, he hugged him and said in a panic," You're always so reckless. Let's listen to Master Lu. Overlooking the lake, Master Lu saw a vast expanse of blue water, and in the beautiful scenery of the lake and mountains, he felt all the more sad and beautiful. He looked at it quietly for a while and said, "What are you going to do, little brother?"? Do you sell noodles like this all your life? When Lu Yun thought of Gu Qian Xi, he suddenly felt sad. He shook his head and sighed, "I don't know, but people have to live anyway, don't they?" Master Lu heard the frustration in his words and said gently, "If you encounter any difficulties in the future, you might as well come here to find me. The gate of Shuanglong Stronghold in Taihu Lake will always be open to you alone." Lu Yun was so moved that he knelt down and bowed a few times, saying, "I don't want to thank you for your great kindness. I just want to repay you in one day." Master Lu frankly accepted his kneeling down and said, "Everything is about seeking the law of fate. Why should we stick to it?" Then hold up Lu Yun, two people look at each other, are speechless. Lu Yun felt uncomfortable. With a deep sigh,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, he picked up the load and turned around. Xie Tao ran after him and shouted, "It's rare for Brother Lu to come here. Why don't you stay in the Stronghold for a few more days so that we can do our best?" Master Lu stopped him and shook his head. Lu Yun carried the load all the way away, and he walked farther and farther, only to feel extremely depressed in his heart. He didn't want to live up to Master Lu's good intentions, but he had read a lot of sages' books, so how could he be a bandit? Yangzhou can't stay, Shandong can't go back, even Shuanglong Stronghold is not a home, Lu Yun don't know where to go,large ficus tree, only feel the world is big, there is no place for their own, a moment of great grief, can not help but burst into tears. The setting sun shone on his bent figure, indescribably lonely and desolate. A few months passed in a hurry, and Lu Yun knew that his fists and feet were still not enough. He practiced every day. If not, how could he get rid of the long years? It seems that only by immersing oneself in martial arts can one forget all the suffering. That day Lu Yun was practicing martial arts by himself. He clapped his hand on the tree, shaking the branches violently, and the fallen leaves were floating down all over the sky. He thought that his skill was already deep, and if he continued to practice, he would not have much to enter the country. At this time has been autumn, the weather gradually turned cool, Lu Yun sat on the hill, looking up at the clouds in the sky, thinking of all kinds of sad things from childhood to adulthood, artificial grass panels ,artificial coconut palm trees, a moment of depression in his heart, suddenly flashed through his mind the idea of suicide. With a shock in his heart, he thought, "So I've been depressed to this point. I don't know how sad Miss Gu will be when she sees me like this." On second thought, "Alas!"! Why am I still thinking about her? How different are our identities and family backgrounds. What's the use of thinking about her so much? Her parting words sounded in her ears, and she could not help but feel a burst of pain in her heart, and tears fell down again. Lu Yun was so depressed that he suddenly had a wild attack. He shouted to the mountains, "So what if Lu Yun sells noodles all his life?"? So what if you're down and out? From now on, the scholar Lu Yun is dead. If you people want to mess with me again, you can't do it in this life! Even though Lumou's imperial examination is unknown all his life, what I have learned in my mind is ten thousand times better than you! Only listen to the mountains are their own echoes, endless. Lu Yun looked up to the sky and smiled, determined to break out of his own way with this face. For a moment, I only felt that heaven and earth were so big that I could be at home anywhere. He looked up at the floating clouds in the sky, and suddenly felt something in his heart. At the end of summer and the arrival of autumn, Lu Yun carried a pair of noodles and floated north. wWw:xiaoshuotxt? com The third volume is the meeting of the capital. The first chapter is Shandong braised noodles. Small. Say 。 t。 Xt-Tian/Tang But Wu Dingyuan burst into tears, and the bowl of noodles was hard to swallow. Qian Lingyi said coldly, "Chief Wu, people in Jianghu do things in a neat way. Why should they be so fussy?" Wu Dingyuan put down his chopsticks and sighed, "That's right. Let's go!" Said, can not help but look up to the sky sighed, pushed open the bowl of noodles, followed slowly up. Seeing that everyone was about to leave, the noodle seller came over to clean up the bowls and chopsticks. He saw that the bowl of noodles was full of soup, but he didn't move a mouthful. He couldn't help frowning and said, "This guest, you didn't even move a mouthful of noodles!"! But it's not right for your stomach? Said to walk up, staring at Wu Dingyuan, look very concerned. Wu Dingyuan, the noodle seller, looked at him with concern. Remembering that his life was at stake, he could not help feeling sad. His life was in danger, and it was useless to keep his money. At that moment, he took out all the silver on his body and stuffed it into the hands of the noodle. When he wanted to say something, his throat seemed to be choked. When Qian Lingyi saw Wu Dingyuan's side issues, he hurried over, separated between the two men, and abruptly pushed Wu Dingyuan away. The noodle seller looked blankly at the palm of his hand, wondering why Wu Dingyuan had given him so much gold and silver. A group of people in Kunlun Mountain pulled Wu Dingyuan and turned to leave. They were about to walk out of the alley when suddenly someone stopped them in the dark alley. The man was so fast and his martial arts seemed to be very strong. All the people in Kunlun were surprised. Liu Lingchuan and Qian Lingyi looked at each other and drew their swords together. They were already on guard. Liu Lingchuan raised his voice and shouted, "Who is coming?"! Report your name as soon as possible! But seeing that the man was poorly dressed, he smiled and said, "Gentlemen, you've given me too much money. I'll have to give you some change." Everybody immediately breathed a sigh of relief, this person which is what the body has the unique skill master, but is not that sells the face Lang is who? Qian Lingyi laughed and scolded, "Boy, the silver reward is too little. How can it be too much?"? This gentleman will give you a reward. Just take it. What are you selling here? The noodle seller shook his head and said, "a bowl of noodles costs five coppers. I can't accept more." Qian Lingyi is stupefied, did not expect to still have such strange thing in the world, cannot help scolding: "Where to come so much nonsense,silk ficus tree, roll!" He picked up his long whip and pulled it out of the man's body. The noodle seller was slightly startled and flashed sideways. The whip fell on the bluestone road with a clear sound. Qian Lingyi saw that the man could actually avoid his own whip, which was also a surprise. His wrist immediately turned over, and the head of the whip wrapped around the ankle of the noodle seller. He pulled it hard. How could the noodle seller know so much? He immediately threw himself on the ground. hacartificialtree.com