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"Waste," he muttered, two people walked out of the cinema one after another,

"Waste," he muttered, two people walked out of the cinema one after another, Yuechen dawdled at the ticket office, and for the second time had a completely different exchange with the ticket lady. Is there any show of the next goal today? "Only tickets are available at midnight, but the location is not very good-oh, there are no tickets." Yuechen felt all the pockets, and the change added up to more than eighty, which almost avoided the hardship of swiping credit cards for movie tickets. "It doesn't matter, I'll just buy one." "Look again." Qi Ling leaned against the stage and said lightly. No matter how long Yuechen's face was paralyzed, he was calm and incompetent. He suddenly looked at Qi Ling and said, "Don't push your luck!" Qi Ling glanced at the pale and frail young man on the poster. "Does Auntie know about you and Gu Zeyan?" "You can't be so shameless when you threaten others with the same thing many times." "Of course, everything is different." Qi Ling raised her finger to calculate the account for him. "I was kind enough to tell you about the paparazzi, but you didn't appreciate it. This is the first scene. I know what happened between you and that boy, but I didn't tell your mother. This is the second scene." "I have no money," Yuechen shrugged and broke the pot. "I'm still a student. My credit card limit is only two thousand. I borrowed three thousand from my friend just now." "Qi Ling gave him a meaningful look,fake blossom tree, with the expression on her face that the conversation had broken down, and turned away." You You come back! L Da Ping is unsmiling, cool and dignified. When he gets mad, he also rubs the restraint and reserve in his bones. Yue Chen takes out his cell phone and calls Xiong Ping. Your side.. Do you have any money? ***, I just lent you three thousand! Do you spend money like water on eating, drinking, whoring and gambling on a holiday? "Don't worry about it." Just tell me how much money you have. "Originally there were more than one thousand,outdoor ficus tree, but just bought Gu Ye's ticket, hey, you just saw it, that grain rain is really." A few seconds later, Yue Chensheng dialed a telephone number with "special significance". Hello ~ "Gu Zeyan has been promoting movies in other places these two days. His voice sounds good. There is a lot of noise and people at the other end." Are you busy? "Ah, eating with the producers," Gu Zeyan's voice suddenly lowered, as if to avoid the crowd toward the corner, with a smile, "how, miss me?" Yuechen was silent for a few seconds, faux ficus tree ,artificial banyan trees, and finally summoned up the courage to open his mouth: "You, can you lend me ten thousand?" More than ten minutes later, Yuechen looked at the number of six zeros in the card with his family and felt complicated for a long time. After thinking about it, he ran to the ATM downstairs and returned all the extra money. There's always an illusion of being kept. Half an hour later, the department finished swiping the card, with a depressed face, and walked into the cinema hall again in the eyes of the ticket lady "brain-damaged fans can't be so brain-damaged" and "how hard the backstage is to make the whole audience refund". It was early in the morning when Yuechen got home after watching the movie that day. The next day, he had to work again. After a night of tossing and turning, he fell asleep. In the next two days, the booking of "The Next Goal" exceeded his expectations. Even the midnight show was full, and it was hard to get a ticket. The situation of "Hunting Day" was similar. It seems that it will take a week or so for the box office momentum to slow down-but Yuechen can't wait to see it. Big deal after a few days to make up the ticket, he thought so, click on the evil and omnipotent Thunderbolt download-the Internet already has the "next target" version of the gun. Unfortunately, the download progress bar was not very powerful. It was dinner time. Yue Yun was preparing dinner in the kitchen. Yue Chen looked out of the window. It was already the 25th day of the twelfth lunar month. There were signs of New Year's Day outside. The red lanterns along the road in the community and the sound of firecrackers in children's hands were full of excitement. But probably through the window, that kind of liveliness is not very real in Yuechen's eyes. He is more like a little dusty jubilation, and then while the atmosphere is still warm, he continues to amuse himself alone in the bedroom-just like in the past so many years. Staring at the progress bar in a daze was interrupted by the doorbell, Yue Yun called him to open the door in the kitchen. People didn't come very often at home during the Chinese New Year. As soon as Yuechen thought that it was most likely to be Qi Ling again, the whole person was not good. As soon as he opened the door, the unique cold of winter came in, and then there was a flower in front of him. The young man at the door leaned forward with lightning speed and imprinted a shallow kiss on his forehead. Yuechen stepped back subconsciously and looked at him like an alien. The next second, Yueyun came out of the kitchen with a dish. Gu Zeyan, wearing a khaki woolen hat and a pair of sunglasses on his face, met Yueyun firmly. He took off his sunglasses and hat, stroked his hair, and gave Yue Yun a gentle and clever smile: "Hello, aunt." Chapter 85 Chapter 85 Chapter 85 Gu Zeyan came over at the end of the film promotion. He ran his finger across the thick stack of books on the desk and stayed on the cover of the top magazine. He glanced at Yuechen: "You bought this?" "Star sound" is an introduction to the latest film and television and music entertainment magazine, in addition to the main works of comment on the recommendation, but also with some of the little gossip, although in the entertainment magazine sales are still good, but put in the "ten books of architecture" and "space poetics" and other tomes, there is always a feeling of going to the wrong set, the more Chen quietly put away Gu Zeyan's hat sunglasses. "I read that Angefei was written in this issue, saying that Junrui had recently looked for him again and had the intention to re-sign him, is it true?" "It's true. The ending song of the film has a good response. Junrui hopes that he can take this opportunity to turn behind the scenes and train the company's newcomers. In recent years, the record has declined, and there has been no decent singer in the music world. It's a bottleneck period, but it's also an opportunity. They just signed a few good idol singers,large palm trees for sale, and the company intends to cultivate them well." Yuechen remembered that Angefei was very happy on the day of the concert and should not refuse it, but the decision on this matter was obviously on another person, "Will He Zhuoyu agree to let him start again?" 。