LED Creative Light price

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LED Creative Light price Overview: Our product LED Camping Light adopts a high intensity lamp which can make sure the sufficient light at night so as to see something clearly around your camp, to guarantee your safety. Besides, this light has two modes, when pressing for the first time, it鈥檚 the white light for normal lighting, when pressing for the second time, it鈥檚 the yellow light with a function of mosquito repellent, let you camping more comfortable. On the other hands, LED Camping Light has a hook and magnet, which is simple to use, you just need to hang on somewhere. This light is equipped with a high capacity batter that can be used for a long time, and the most important is it can work as a power bank, if you mobile phone power run out and there is no place for you to charge when camping then you can use it. All in all, we believed these characters can make your camping more enjoyable. So if you鈥檙e interested in camping and have no idea about what kind of light you needs, just contact us! LED Camping Light Press the buttn to adjust brightness The first press: white light for normal lighting The second press: yellow light for mosquito repellent Multifunction in one lamp 1.Hook and magnet for more easy carry 2.USB rechargeable and USB output as a power bank 3.Two grades of brightness: white for daylight, yellow for mosquito repellentLED Creative Light price website:http://www.zonesu-tech.com/led-creative-light/