President Chen Xi's Pretty Girl

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"Ah!"! I'm sorry ! I forgot you were still beside me. I'm just saying that.

"Ah!"! I'm sorry ! I forgot you were still beside me. I'm just saying that. You mustn't take it seriously. Yun Wei smiled stiffly and stepped back unconsciously. It's too late. Morikawa, who was not so easy to get rid of, stretched out his evil hand and rushed in her direction. Two people scream, roar and laugh, from inside to outside the office, the secretary outside the door after hearing the crazy laughter inside, can not help shaking his head. He is so used to it that he can't get used to it any more. Can I not go to Hong Kong with you today? I'm really tired 。” Lying lazily on the bed, Yun Wei complained. Are you sure you don't want to go with me? I stayed there for five days. I'll be lonely without you. Morikawa put on his suit and sat on the edge of the bed, reluctantly looking at Yun Wei, who looked really tired. It's not your fault you didn't let them sleep last night. I'm going to have a rest today! No matter what 。” She acted like a spoiled child shamelessly. Fine! Then you have a good rest. 。” "Mmm." With his approval, Yun Wei happily put the quilt on her head, ready to make up for sleep. Morikawa had some helplessness, and his eyes were full of spoiled shaking his head. Be careful yourself! Goodbye 。” Suddenly she pulled down the quilt again, propped herself up and kissed him on the lips. Good, you also want to know obediently? "Morikawa stood up,interactive panels for education, looked at her deeply again, and then left.". After sleeping for nearly an hour, Yun Wei, who was lying in bed, was suddenly woken up by a bell. What is it? "She crawled out of bed reluctantly." Is it my phone? Who is it ?” After arriving in Japan, she had not used her cell phone for a long time. Yesterday,classroom interactive whiteboard, in order to call Zhilian in Italy, she turned on her cell phone again, and then forgot to turn it off. It must be Zhilian. It's true. Why did it take so long to call? As soon as she picked up the phone, she thought that the other end of the phone should be Zhilian, who had not been contacted for a long time. Unexpectedly, the person who made a sound was Shana, who had helped her find the house. She spoke quickly in very flustered Italian. Will you speak more slowly? It's too soon I don't understand. Yun Wei said in simple words. Fortunately, she had followed Zhi Lian and learned a little bit of Italian, otherwise she would not have understood a word. Miss He is gone, I.. When I just came back, smart interactive whiteboard ,interactive digital whiteboard, I found that Miss He had taken her things away without leaving any notice about where she was going. Sishana said in alarm, her tone full of anxiety. How can you disappear? "Yun Wei this whole person is sober." A few days ago, Zhi Lian saved a man who had been shot in the body. Looking at his appearance, maybe he was a terrible person. As soon as I came back, I found that both of them had disappeared. I thought maybe she had been taken away by that man. Sishana blamed herself and said guiltily that if she had known earlier, she would not have promised to let Zhilian save the man. The man who was shot? "When did Zhi Lian know such a man?"? Yun Wei frowned slightly. The heart began to feel uneasy. I see. I'll come to you now. As soon as the words were finished, Yun Wei hung up the phone. That's right, Morikawa. She thought of Morikawa, who had left not long ago. She quickly changed her clothes and rushed to Morikawa's study without thinking, picking up the phone and preparing to call him. The number you dialed is currently not receiving a signal.. Yun Wei remembered that Morikawa should be on the plane at the moment. I can't help it. Let's go there first. She took out a small bag from the wardrobe room, packed some simple luggage and went out. San Tianjun Did I invite you people to play? What is the turnover of this half month? ? Answer 。 "Sitting in the conference room, the man's eyes were cold, like radar sharp eyes, scanning everyone present, his tone was like ice, so cold that the people present shivered." President, president, you want us, we, uh.. A supervisor was pointed out by him and stammered to make his words clear, but the president's eyes were so frightening that he stared at him as if he was going to kill his head if he was not satisfied. Whoo, whoo. How could it be that he had asked them to put down their work and prepare for his wedding? How could he blame them again? Whoo, whoo …… "In half a month, I want to see satisfactory results." Morikawa was cold and more terrible than ever. As soon as he finished speaking, he left directly, leaving the supervisors present. You are very stupid! "As soon as Morikawa left, everyone made sure that the door was closed, immediately relaxed and exhaled, and then turned their heads in unison and scolded the supervisor who had just said the wrong thing." I I'm telling the truth! It was the president who asked us to put down the work at hand. To prepare for the wedding, right? "The man who was given a white mark by everyone complained innocently." But now that Miss He has left, why do you mention it? Embarrass the president on purpose. "I really don't know how to speak according to the situation.". The female supervisor shook her head and sighed. As soon as he said this, their president's mood must be worse, and everyone must be worse off. So what should we do now? "Everyone knows that Miss He left suddenly without warning, and the former president came back." No, it's worse. He used to be just too cold to approach,digital touch screen board, but now he's also irritable and unpredictable. At this time, the old president can't get in touch with anyone. What should they do with these small employees? Who knows whether Miss He has come back or not? ? And why did you leave? ? Do we have to go back to the miserable days of the past? "I, I know." A younger male supervisor sitting in the corner suddenly made a sound. Know what? "Everyone asked in unison.".