1980 Little Moon (end)

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Read more people, naturally write more people, some people want to get the contribution fee, some people do not care

Read more people, naturally write more people, some people want to get the contribution fee, some people do not care, want to write out the story in their hearts for everyone to see, some people especially want to know whether what they write is popular or not, this uproar, Jinjiang Literature City published more and more articles. In the early 1990s, there were no entertainment activities. Jinjiang Literature City was launched in the first year when the network took off, and it grew up sitting on the draught. At this time, Zhang Xiaoyue did not have time to pay attention to this. She was given a rocket by the military to urge her and Fu Guang to finish shooting "My Miss Underworld" as soon as possible, because the story is so popular in the country that the military can't wait to launch MTV. Zhang Xiaoyue silently complained that it was not that the story was popular, but that the spiritual appetite of the people in this age was too little. Her story was written in a dreamy way with a cool point from the future. Of course, people in this age were deeply attracted. However, now there is a problem, "My Underworld Lady" was originally filmed by the film studio's resistance, only the ancient costume part was filmed, and the modern school plot part was not filmed, Zhang Xiaoyue was very resistant to leave the mountain, how to shoot this part of the plot? Chapter 113 the eighties. Don't look at Fu Guang's eloquence, when it comes to thankless things, who will give up Bai Chen? When Bai Chen came to look for Zhang Xiaoyue,Nail production machine, Zhang Xiaoyue sat under the vines they had set up in the yard, sitting on a stone stool and tapping her fingers on the computer notebook on the stone table. When Bai Chen came, he did not speak. He crossed his long legs and sat on the stone bench beside Zhang Xiaoyue. The workload of retouching is very heavy, other people's studios are a group of retouchers division of labor and cooperation, Zhang Xiaoyue here only one person, or with an outdated computer that is not as good as the future in all aspects, outdated procedures to fight hard. As if did not see the arrival of Bai Chen, Zhang Xiaoyue silently retouching,iron nail machine, has been retouching from noon to evening, it is almost time for dinner, looked up at the side of Bai Chen, still calm as before, without a trace of impatience and boredom, as if just sitting down, Zhang Xiaoyue gave him a cup of tea. Zhang Xiaoyue: "Shall I offer you a cup of tea?" Bai Chen: "Very good." Zhang Xiaoyue: ".." I feel that Bai Chen is really not a talkative person, as long as Zhang Xiaoyue does not speak, he is quiet, quiet. However, it is amazing that he is here, even if he has not spoken, quietly, quietly sitting, all give people a sense of peace of mind. Bai Chen is very busy, capable people like to send a lot of things, Iron Nail Making Machine ,Nail machine manufacturer, important things, tedious things, miscellaneous things that are difficult to solve to him, as if no matter what, no matter how complicated, how difficult, as long as it is in the hands of Bai Chen are very easy to solve, so he has a lot of things on hand, very miscellaneous, one after another continue to increase. Zhang Xiaoyue: "You are so busy with your work. You have been sitting here all afternoon. You have delayed a lot of work. Go back." Bai Chen: "Do not delay, very good." Zhang Xiaoyue: "Why?" Bai Chen: "Because I came to you because someone begged me to come, and someone replaced me, so I came here." The implication is that although he is sitting here, someone is doing the work for him. Zhang Xiaoyue: ".." He closed his laptop, stood up and tilted his neck, turned his waist, and looked at Bai Chen, who was still sitting motionless and very stiff, sighing, "I really wronged you for not offering you a cup of tea." Bai Chen is still calm, "not wronged, very lucky." Zhang Xiaoyue: ".." Alright! As long as you're happy! Zhang Xiaoyue: "I won't go down the mountain, do you know?" How embarrassed she was when she went up the mountain, how sad she was, not because she didn't hurt, but because she didn't think about it, didn't forget it, and didn't see it. She misses Leon, but she doesn't know if she should. She misses her father, but she doesn't know if there is a place for her in his heart. She misses her father, misses his smile, his father cares about her in a gentle tone, and she finally knows why she fell in love with Zhang Tian and Zhang Yu after her favorite Li Ang suddenly disappeared. Because their brothers are all like their father! Zhang Tian looks like her father when she was young. Every time she sees Zhang Tian, she has a kind of scene when she first came and stood at the door with her grandmother. Zhang Yu's gentleness comes from his father, and his gentle eyes warm into your heart. Fortunately, she's gone! Otherwise, after separating from Li Ang, she would see Zhang Tian and Zhang Yu again, and it would be difficult to guarantee that her mood would not be disturbed by control. Bai Chen's words were as steady as an anchor: "I'm not going to let you go down the mountain." Zhang Xiaoyue turned her eyes and looked at him curiously. Bochen: "When we were in the warehouse, didn't we design the camera? We were shooting by ourselves." Zhang Xiaoyue: ".." You fool me! Is the pixel of the camera comparable to that of a professional camera? And the technology of making movies. Who knows? Bai Chen seems to know the voice of Zhang Xiaoyue, "Your retouching technology is not very good, as long as the image can be taken, the rest of your own repair on the line." Zhang Xiaoyue: ".." Bochen, are you from the future? You're not going through it, are you! You can even think of such an unreliable thing. Bai Chen was sure to say to Zhang Xiaoyue: "I have seen that you are very good at retouching, and I believe you can do it." Zhang Xiaoyue: "Who gave you confidence?" Bai Chen is as steady as a rock: "You wrote the script yourself." Zhang Xiaoyue:?? Bai Chen: "In the modern version of the story, you are a little girl with heavy makeup from beginning to end. You can't see the facial features clearly when you look at the panda eyes. It's just the last shot, showing a side face, half of the face. It doesn't matter if you don't want it to be so clear." Zhang Xiaoyue: ".." Bai Chen: "As for Fu Guang's part in the play,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, you don't have to worry. He is a man, and he doesn't rely on his face. Just look at the temperament of the school grass." Zhang Xiaoyue: ".." What the fuck Worthy of being Fu Guang's nemesis, this is to take Fu Guang's beautiful face seriously and not give him a chance to become famous. 3shardware.com