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The mountain woman took another look at the leopard and went on to say,

The mountain woman took another look at the leopard and went on to say, "You boy and this little killer in Jianghu have been wronged by the people in Wulin recently. You are the unpardonable culprits of murder, arson and indiscriminate killing of innocent people. You are the descendants of the Great Black Arrow Devil. It's not good to try to be wronged. Why do you wrong my nephew now?"? Although your intentions are different from those of the people in Eagle Castle, what is the difference in your behavior? When Leopard and Cuicui heard this, they were shocked and surprised again. Where is this mountain woman from? How do you know everything about yourself? The leopard confessed again and again: "Senior, we really made a big mistake. I hope you will forgive me again. If you don't get angry, you can punish me." "Forgive!"? Punishment!? Can you make up for the trauma of the wronged person? Fortunately, you are just a man in the martial arts world. If the emperors, generals and ministers, and local officials, innocently suspect that people are bandits, traitors and rebels, and plot to rebel, I don't know how many loyal ministers and righteous men will die, how many innocent civilians will die unjustly, and how many unjust, false and wrong cases will be caused in the world. The scholar then said, "Auntie, they have admitted their mistake!"! I think forget it! Let's go. The mountain woman said,smart interactive whiteboard, "It seems that you are more honest than that boy. No wonder your mother often scolds you for being useless.". The last few moves of that little girl just now were quite ruthless and wanted to hurt you! "Auntie, but she hasn't hurt me yet." "If I don't do it in time, won't you hurt her?"? I don't understand. Why do you always walk against the wind? Don't you shake out your magic monkey transformation? In this way, you can fight back! "Aunt, she's Aunt Bai's disciple!" "You are really honest and muddle-headed. For your Aunt Bai's sake, they are not for your mother's sake. All right!"! Let's go! Leopard son sees, say hastily: "Elder,interactive kiosk price, please stay, of next little younger sister..." The mountain woman gazed at the leopard and said, "Boy, do you want me to restore her True Qi?" The leopard bowed and said, "I hope you will be magnanimous and spare my little sister once.". If the senior wants to be punished, it's better to punish him. "Don't worry!"! This little girl won't die. I'll save her after she's been suffering for three or four months without martial arts. "That, that, that little sister has no martial arts for three or four months?" Is that not good? In case she tries to bully others in the future. Boy, these three or four months, you must be particularly careful to take care of her, do not let her be bullied. At this time, another woman's voice floated from the woods and said with a smile, "Doctor with a thousand faces, temperature screening kiosk ,touch screen digital signage, isn't that good?" Said, the man has appeared. Leopard and Cuicui were pleasantly surprised. It was Aunt Jin, the leader of the Beggars' Sect. Hill woman looks, "Yi": "Have you this beggar head still not gone? Master Jin said with a smile, "I was going to leave, but I don't trust this little girl. I don't know what kind of result she will make here." "Are you here to intercede for the little girl?" Master Jin bowed deeply to the mountain woman and said, "Please spare this girl once for the sake of my beggar's thin face. On behalf of all the people in the martial arts world, I thank you." "What a big face!"! I can't afford it. "Goddess Doctor, you don't want me to kneel down and plead for mercy, do you?" "Yes!"! Then kneel down! "The goddess doctor is on the stage, and I have asked the head to kowtow to you!" The mountain woman hurriedly stopped her. "I'm joking. How can you be serious? If you kowtow to me, will I dare to show my face in Jianghu again?" Master Jin gave a sly smile: "Did you promise to restore the True Qi of this little girl?" "I'm afraid of you, you crafty beggar." The mountain woman finished, approached Cuicui, took a silver needle from her bun, pricked one of Cuicui's extra-meridian points, followed by another hand on another of Cuicui's extra-meridian points, and sucked out a small silver needle less than a minute long. Cuicui suddenly felt the flow of True Qi and jumped up. Master Jin said, "Little girl, why don't you kneel down and thank the miraculous doctor?" By this time, Cuicui no longer dared to be self-willed. She knew that she had met a miraculous and incomparably superior person. Even the extremely famous and formidable leader of the Golden Sect wanted to kneel down and plead with her. Besides, she also had a certain relationship with her master, the White Fairy. Even if she did not save herself, as a younger generation, she should kneel down and pay her respects. Cuicui knelt down and kowtowed to the mountain woman to thank her. "The little girl doesn't know the depth of heaven and earth. She has offended the elder. Please forgive her." Leopard son also kneels down: "Elder, my leopard son also kowtows to you to thank!" The mountain woman hurriedly picked them up and said with a smile, "Boy, it seems that you are really sincere to this little girl!"! OK! In the future, you must not be too big in Jianghu! The leopard said, "I remember what my predecessors taught me." Cuicui said, "The little girl will never forget this lesson all her life." Mountain woman says: "Good!"! I hope you and I will never see each other again. The leopard was stunned. "Senior, why?" "Because the people I see are often people who are dying, otherwise I would not meet them." Leopard and Cuicui still can't understand. But the mountain woman turned to Master Jin and said, "Beggar, can we go now?" Master Jin smiled, "Do I dare to stop you?" The mountain woman smiled and said to the scholar, "Let's go!" The scholar bowed to Master Jin and said, "If I have a chance another day, I will definitely come to visit Aunt Jin." "My good nephew!"! Then I'll be waiting for you at Dongting Junshan! The scholar bowed to Leopard and Cuicui and said, "In the future, the green mountains will always be there and the green waters will always be there. I will go to Diancang Mountain to visit you and Aunt Bai." The leopard and Cuicui were surprised to return the salute: "We really hope to see you again and apologize to you again." "You two are welcome." After Shanfu and Xiushi left, Master Jin said to Leopard and Cuicui, "Why don't you two provoke them? How can you provoke them?"? Do you know who they are? This is the question in the hearts of the leopard and Cuicui,temperature check kiosk, and they also want to know. Cuicui first asked urgently, "Aunt Jin, who are they?" 。 hsdtouch.com