Extra son-in-law

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"The little prince has a heart.". The Puyang family also has business contacts with

"The little prince has a heart.". The Puyang family also has business contacts with Zhu Ji and the Su family. The stink of money doesn't have to stain the ears of the little prince. It's just that when Liheng was in Jiangning, he was known as the first gifted scholar in Jiangning. I've recently found a few paintings and calligraphy, and I can still take a look at them. I'd like to ask the little prince to give them to Liheng. It's also a good thing. "Ha ha, brother Puyang's mind must be brought by Junwu." Two people's contacts are not a moment, Puyang Yi has long understood that the little prince in front of him is extremely respectful of the "master" who has now gone to the capital, so that his words and deeds are somewhat deliberately imitated. He also has business contacts with Zhu Ji and today's Su family. At this time, he might as well curry favor with Ning Yi and give Zhou Junwu some favor. However, as the heir of the Puyang family, the words are neither humble nor pushy. As they stood talking in front of the window, something happened below suddenly came into view. It was the back door of a brothel below. The overnight guests were coming out. The face of one of them shook in their vision. Zhou Junwu carried his hands on his back, and the chatty words in his mouth paused slightly, and then went on as usual. However, Puyang Yi is what kind of person, the figure below appeared at the same time, he has also identified the identity of that person. Beside him, the little prince's eyes suddenly became sharp, and his lips were already thinly pursed. Although it belongs to the fierce of a 16-year-old boy, it usually kills a lot of people when it appears on the face of a person with the identity of a little prince. But fortunately, after this scene, Zhou Junwu continued to chat as if nothing had happened. Puyang Yi also pretended not to see, then the topic. Just appeared at the back door of the brothel,digital whiteboard price, it is the brother-in-law of the little prince, and Zhou Pei married the county Ma Qu Zonghui. Puyang Yi has heard more or less about this couple, but at the moment, he does not dare to say anything. After a while, the two sides said goodbye to each other and left the restaurant. Zhou Junwu asked the people around him, and then took a carriage to the location of an imperial warehouse outside the city. Late autumn has come, winter will come, a lot of supplies and grain are hoarding here,face detection android, soon after entering, he also found his sister who is here to check the warehousing matters. In the color of fallen leaves piled up in late autumn, Zhou Pei, a woman, dressed in warm yellow deep clothes, has a graceful and luxurious temperament. Sixteen years old, he still had childishness on his face, but his sister, who was only two years older than him, quickly took off her childishness in the last year or two. Even he did not understand why the change was so fast. Seeing Junwu coming, the woman's face showed a smile and the people around her retreated. Junwu, why did you come here to find me today? What's up "Sister." Junwu called out to her and said, "It's nothing." "Come here." Zhou Pei smiled and waved to him, "take you to a higher place to see." Zhou Pei said the height, is the side of the imperial warehouse can overlook the surrounding main building, face recognition identification ,facial recognition thermometer, two people all the way past, servant girls, followers followed behind. I don't know when it will turn cold, and several ships of grain from Huainan are still on the way. In a famine last year, there were twice as many beggars around Jiangning. They all lost their houses and land in the famine, and beggars were not used to it. Many people will starve to death this year. But they won't continue to increase, and they will be less and less every year. Look at your clothes, they're all wrinkled. Zhou Pei said, lifting Junwu pulled the collar, two people at this time have reached the top floor of the main building, Junwu looked at the front of the sister has been slightly shorter than their own, hesitated for a moment. Sister. How have you been lately? "I'm a little tired, but what's wrong with me?" Zhou Pei slanted his head and looked at him jokingly. "Are you short of money?" "No.". In a few days, I will go to Beijing. Does my sister have anything or something that I should transfer to Master? I know about it. You are a member of the royal family. Remember to pay attention to your identity when you go to the capital. Even if you are short of money, don't act like a lobbyist. You have to remember this clearly. Zhou Pei tidied up his collar. "Master, I'll prepare something for you to take with you." I'll write a letter, too. Take it with you. ” Zhou Junwu stood looking straight at his sister: "I know these things, the business is my own, not to mention as a lobbyist for others, I remember the sense of propriety.". I will also go to visit Grandpa Qin and Shifu, who will advise me, and this time when I go to Beijing, I will also go to see some young ladies from big families. My father said that I should get married, too. Zhou Pei's movements stopped slightly and she laughed narrowly. "Oh, I thought you would be shy when it comes to getting married.". You've seen all the girls your family chose for you before, and Yumei, who grew up with you, doesn't like them or. Jun Wu's face turned slightly red and followed his sister to the window: "No, they.." And Yumei, it's all right. I can marry anyone. This time it was because I said I wanted to go to Beijing that my father asked me to meet people. In fact, Grandpa Qin and Master would help me make up my mind. Zhou Pei turned his head to look at him: "How can you get married?" With anyone? Junwu looked at the busy movement between the imperial granaries downstairs and frowned: "It's almost the same as anyone else.". Woman Sister, after you get married, I will. I knew those things. Interesting is interesting, but. Zhou Pei's eyes became serious. "What did the palace become after I got married?" "It's not too messy." Junwu looked at her sister as clearly as possible, "Sister, you let me learn to order those people, I went to the brothel, after tasting those things, I also had a relationship with Sister Luan Hong, but that's all." When I get married, I will marry Luan Hong as a concubine. "Luan Hong seduced you?" "No, after I had tasted those things, I felt interesting, and I also felt that I had to have a woman around me, otherwise I would always go to the brothel, which was not good." To say these, Junwu's look is somewhat restrained, but in the depths of his eyes,smart whiteboard price, there is a calm as if nothing can not be said to people. Zhou Pei frowned and for a moment did not know what to say. Before you get married, ask Luan Hong to come to see me once. I'll knock her, but you can rest assured that it won't be too much. 。 hsdtouch.com