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Finally, a man came out of Buddhism. Many people could not help but open their eyes wide

Finally, a man came out of Buddhism. Many people could not help but open their eyes wide and look at the man who came out of Buddhism. He walked with his hair on. He was so comfortable and so leisurely. This was Li Qiye and Chu Yuntian. The eight-faced light Bodhisattva was defeated. Seeing Li Qiye walking out of Buddhism leisurely and carefree, someone could not help murmuring. This, this, how is this possible! Seeing Li Qiye coming out of the Buddhist gate, the monks buried on the Buddhist plateau were shocked and could not help but take several steps back. The Bodhisattva of the Eight Faces of Light can't argue with a person who practices Buddhism outside. This. This. This is incredible. The monks buried on the plateau looked at each other. The eight-faced light Bodhisattva is honored as the closest person to the Buddha by Lingshan and even the whole burial Buddha plateau, and even many people say that he will become the next Buddha in the Buddhist kingdom. Today, however, the Bodhisattva of Eight Faces of Light was defeated by an unknown person, a man of practice with his hair. Such a scene made it hard for many monks buried on the Buddha Plateau to believe it. For the monks who are buried on the plateau of Buddha or the monks who are proficient in Buddhism, if we say, it is better than the Dharma. Compared with force, the Bodhisattva of Eight Sides of Light was defeated by the strong. This is reasonable. After all, the Bodhisattva of Eight Sides of Light has only practiced Buddhism since childhood. However, it is a monk's strong point to argue about the Buddha, especially the existence of the Bodhisattva of Eight Faces of Light. It can be said that no one can argue about the Buddha. But today. It is hard to believe that the eight-faced Bodhisattva has lost to others in the strongest field. Even if the monks who are watching from a distance on the horizon do not understand the significance of the defeat of the Bodhisattva of Light on Eight Sides, they are also horrified that they can defeat the Bodhisattvas of the Four Buddhist Temples in Buddhism, which is too unnatural. What treasure did he get? Some people want to know the answer, think of this matter, and even some monks look at the war division. Zhanshi won the Sutra in the Four Buddha Temple, and many people want to know what Zhanshi got in the Four Buddha Temple. We all know in our hearts that the Four Buddha Temple is the first of the eighteen temples in Lingshan, and what we get in the Four Buddha Temple is absolutely unique in the world. At this time, Li Qiye slowly walked down Lingshan Mountain. The believers inside and outside Lingshan Mountain worshiped there, unable to get up for a long time. These believers had sunk into the Buddhist sea, and there was no way back. Watching Li Qiye leave Lingshan step by step, the monk watching from the horizon could not help but be silent. He left Lingshan, which meant that the man with hair had no intention of staying in Lingshan to practice. What will happen if this person with boundless Dharma enters the world? What would happen if he entered the world to fight for his destiny? A young man watched Li Qiye leave Lingshan step by step and asked curiously. Such a question, let countless people silence, the older generation was silent for a while, said: "This, this is unprecedented." To fight for the destiny of heaven is a matter for monks. If a monk, who only practices Buddhism, runs out to fight for the destiny of heaven, what will be the result? Will such a person be recognized by the destiny? This seems to be no answer to the question, for a while, is you look at me, I look at you, although there is no answer, but, Ji Kong invincible, Lin Tiandi this kind of matchless generation is dignified. Can you fight for destiny? He is not a monk, but a monk. How can he practice Buddhism and fight for the fate of the monks? Maybe he will be killed by a strong man with one hand. Fighting for the destiny of heaven is extremely cruel. Either you die or I die. This is not a matter of compassion, nor is it a matter of chanting sutras and singing Buddha. Some young monks don't think so. In the eyes of many young monks, it is impossible for those who practice Buddhism to compete with monks for their destiny, face recognition identification kiosk , especially those who are extremely talented. Not necessarily. An old sage shook his head gently and said, "Don't underestimate the people of Buddhism and Taoism. Otherwise, the plateau where the Buddha is buried will not stand through the ages.". Through the ages, there have been many immortal emperors and many immortal gates. It can be said that the immortal gates have changed one after another. In the long river of time, many immortal gates have gone up in smoke. However, the plateau where the Buddha is buried has not fallen down. This Daxian's words make many people feel cold in their hearts, whether they are the older generation or the younger generation. As we all know, the Burial Buddha Plateau, especially Lingshan, has an indescribable treasure. How many invincible people have come here, how many immortal emperors have come here, but the Burial Buddha Plateau still stands forever. If the Buried Buddha Plateau is not terrible enough and not strong enough, it would have been destroyed long ago. If he were born, would he be able to defeat all the geniuses? Someone looked at Li Qiye, who had already walked out of Lingshan, and murmured. This question, everyone is silent, no one can speak out, because the most promising genius in the world is here, the war division, Ji Kong invincible, Lin Tiandi, Baozhu Emperor. "I would like to experience the matchless Dharma." At this time, a man opened his mouth, his voice was rich, even if he did not threaten people with God, heard his voice, in the heart can not help but jump. Everyone saw that it was the emperor who said this. At this time, the emperor's eyes were deep and incomparable, and he was staring at Li Qiye who was walking on the earth. Seeing the expression of the Emperor of the Pillar, many people immediately became excited. The Emperor of the Pillar is known as the God of War, also known as the War Maniac. His warlike attitude is known to everyone. If the Emperor of The Pillar wants to challenge this young man with boundless Buddhism, then it is undoubtedly a good show for everyone. Leaving Lingshan, Li Qiye walked slowly. At this time, his Buddha's light was not visible, his Buddha's breath was not exposed, and his whole person was floating freely. He was neither a Buddha nor Li Qiye, but once Chu Yuntian. Li Qiye walked slowly with a natural expression. This time he fought against the Bodhisattva of Eight Sides of Light. For him, it was just a small test. His goal was not the Eighteen Temples of Lingshan, nor the Landa Temple, but the Old Temple! Anyway, in this life, he must get the thing in Laowu Temple. However, the old monks of Laowu Temple were not so easy to mess with, but in this life, Li Qiye had enough confidence to defeat the old monks of Laowu Temple by debating Buddha. Out of Lingshan, Li Qiye went in the direction of the Buddhist city, and Wolong Xuan, who was walking on the horizon, also came to meet Li Qiye. hsdtouch.com