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"Pross" is also the elite this time, the entire plane of the demon clan masters,

"Pross" is also the elite this time, the entire plane of the demon clan masters, are mobilized over. If this fails, then the demon clan in the "Great Plane of the Crown" is really almost dead! "Howl!"! Kill! ——” Infernal dragons are also subject to this emotional sensation. He howled with excitement, and the huge tail of the dragon kept swinging. Let's go Lin Xijian raised his eyebrows and strode forward: "People don't attack me.". I'm not a prisoner! If people attack me, I will attack me! Now, it's time for them to pay the price in Taiyuan Palace! Boom! Lin Xi rose into the air. Mixed in a large number of demon clans, floating towards the distance. Sniff! Under Lin Xi's skin, he quickly pulled out pieces of scales. In a short period of time, Lin Xi's body surface was covered with dense scales and armor, and became like a human dragon. Mixed among the demons, no one paid attention at all. Lin Xi does not want to attract the attention of the people in the Taiyuan Palace for the time being. Before that, the disguise of the "human-shaped magic dragon" can help Lin Xi hide his identity. Be careful. This battle can only be won but not lost! It is necessary to cause great losses to the Taiyuan Palace so that our plan can succeed. Lin Xi said through the soul seal. Don't worry, master, we understand. The hell dragon and Camilla, one left and one right, mingled in the dark cloud of the demon army, responded. Lin Xi's two magic pets, in the speed of the advantage, play more and more obvious. Camilla's speed is even faster than Lin Xi's, which also triggered Lin Xi's thinking, ready to go back and improve his speed. Demon clan! ——” "Enemy attack!"! ——” At the same time, there was a shrill scream on the mountain. Don't panic! A sharp roar shook the earth, and in an instant, the light flashed, and several figures rose from the peaks below. One by one suspended in the void, the whole body exudes a majestic atmosphere like mountains and seas. Over their heads, the "fruits" like "small suns" are dazzling and radiate dazzling light. One of them even had five dazzling fruits on his head! Under the command of these strong people at the level of nine-fold Taoist fruit, the "Immortal Taoist Army" composed of three disciples on the mountains soon quieted down. And organized a front. Hum! One ray of light after another rose into the sky, and hundreds of disciples of the three schools, Tai yuan,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, Dou Shi, and Tai a, floated into the air. In the void, hundreds of swords are suspended, and one by one, the instruments emit a torrent of True Qi, flashing in the sky. Sure enough, it's a big pie! Remarkable! Even if Lin Xi has no affection for the three factions of Tai yuan, Dou Shi, and Tai a, he has to admit that it is not unreasonable for the three factions to rank among the top sects in the world of immortality. In a short period of time, they pulled out a front, it seems quite afraid of the ability to deter! "Whew!"! ——” The wind was howling in the sky, and there was a chill. Kill! ——” With a sharp roar, in an instant, Planetary Gear Motor ,gear reduction motor, a large number of "dark clouds" composed of demons, with a bang, like a meteorite, violently crashed into the defense line of the three disciples of Tai yuan, Dou Shi and Tai A. Kill! ——” "Roar!"! ——” With the roar of the sky, the demon clan army and a large number of disciples of the three factions tore together in the void. Demon Clan Lord "Pross" and nine "Demon Clan Lords" first rushed over and fought with the most powerful "Dao Guo Strong Man" among the disciples of Xiandao. The other demon clans fought with the rest of the disciples of Xiandao. Boom! The sword, the magic weapon, the True Qi and the infinite evil spirit, like two torrents, collide heavily together. In the screams, the bodies rained down. Boom! Lin Xi opened his palm, and the majestic "Ice Emperor True Qi" broke out. In an instant, a large number of swords, together with the True Qi, were frozen and turned into ice. Lin Xi's "Ice Emperor True Qi" has reached the realm of "Dzogchen", which is not only a tangible and qualitative thing like the sword. Even the True Qi is frozen. Whoa! Lin Xi palm a wave, suddenly like the wind sweeping the fallen leaves, frozen sword and True Qi torrent, all turned into countless ice debris, clattering down from the air. Pow! Lin Xi watched six roads, listened to all directions, flicked his finger, and a "Ice Emperor True Qi" broke through the air. Right through the heavy "torrent" gap. It hit a disciple of Dou Shuigong, and the timing was just right. Cut! The disciple of Dou Shuigong was about to make a move when he was hit by Lin Xi's "Ice Emperor True Qi". He immediately stiffened and turned into an ice sculpture, which was turned into a "six-armed ape" on the opposite side. Smash into pieces with one hand. Sniff! Lin Xi's eyes flashed, and a hundred paces away, a disciple of Tai a Zong was using his sword. Suddenly, his forehead flashed red, and Lin Xi immediately pierced his forehead with "smashing True Qi", spattering blood. The body fell like a stake. Boom! As soon as I stepped on it, the void shook, and a sea of fire gushed out. Six disciples of Xiandao came around from other directions, trying to form a joint attack on Lin Xi. With an incredible look in his eyes, he instantly crashed into Lin Xi's sea of fire and turned into ashes. Lin Xi kept stepping forward at his feet. The sky is full of immortal disciples, but no one can stop him. The killing in the sky was extremely fierce, but Lin Xi's eyes were extremely calm, and his movements were like a leisurely stroll, as if he was not in the cruel battlefield, but walking in his own back garden. Ice Emperor True Qi, Fiery Yang True Qi, Crushing True Qi, Finger Qi.. Lin Xi, like a God of death, passed through the battlefield. Wherever he passed, there must have been a large number of bodies falling from the sky. There was no fierce and protracted battle at all. All the three disciples who were killed did not struggle violently. The injury was simple and fatal! Lin Xi imitated the strength of the peak of "virtual immortals", which almost played incisively and vividly on him, without the slightest waste of True Qi. At this moment, he was like a killing machine. In him, what is displayed is not strength, but a kind of elegant skill! His sense of timing is simply the best of the best! So that,small geared motors, it seems, he reaps human life, like harvesting straw! Snap! Snap!.