Ace evolution

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Ten minutes later, Fang Lin, who was walking with Hu Huahao in the streets of London,

Ten minutes later, Fang Lin, who was walking with Hu Huahao in the streets of London, raised his head and looked at a helicopter flying to the west, with a sneer at the corners of his mouth. At the beginning, Hu Huahao, who looked pale and dying of serious injuries, was already in high spirits. It seemed that the injury was definitely not as serious as before, at least not to the point where he had no power to protect himself! Everyone wants meat bones, but if they meet hard bones, they will be careful to drop their teeth! [Chapter 16 Entry] The current situation is: Lin Yinxiu lost his weapon because he used the weapon of the real world to display the skill of nightmare space. Although No.56 was not seriously injured, he was absolutely afraid of the digestive enzymes in the venom of the giant female tarantula. This terrible poison will eat away at his body like crazy. Finally, he dissolved into a bag of human skin yogurt, and the giant female tarantula slowly jumped on it and sucked it. That kind of taste is chilling just to imagine. Lin Yinxiu and No.56 are facing a crazy giant female tarantula. Insects such as spiders, scorpions and mantises are all females that are much larger than males and are extremely aggressive. When spiders mate, there is even a terrible phenomenon that the sperm is trying to get into the egg before the mating process is completed, and the poor thin male is eaten by the female. The danger of a traumatized female tarantula with such ferocious habits can be imagined when even its partners have to kill and slaughter so mercilessly! Under such circumstances, escape is undoubtedly very unrealistic, giant female tarantulas can rely on powerful hind limbs to bounce, but also rely on sticky and tough spider silk to stretch missiles. In terms of speed, the two strangers are no match for the giant female tarantula in any case. So the safest way for them now seems to be to quickly escape into the deep secret passage hole that appears after the huge stone statues on both sides move and tremble! But in a head-on battle, both No.56 and Lin Yinxiu were extremely afraid of the female tarantula's enzymes. The most embarrassing thing was that Lin Yinxiu's weapon had been damaged. She was not a man like Hu Huahao who was used to unarmed combat. After the weapon disappeared, her fighting ability almost dropped by more than 80%! It seemed that only one person could bow in and out of the cave, Calacatta Nano Glass ,Agate Stone Price, and by the faint phosphorescence shining on the stone wall inside, you could see that the space was quite wide. What can be confirmed is that it is impossible for the giant female spider to get into the hole. So it seems that the best way for them at present is to enter the secret room immediately, which can speed up the next step of Lin Yinxiu's task. And be able to avoid this terrible enemy! But this best of both worlds was rejected by Fang Lin, who was thousands of miles away! "Don't go in." After saying that, Fang Lin even expressed his caution. Repeated one more time: "Never go in." Lin Yinxiuqiang suppressed his impulse to rush into the Chamber of Secrets. Can't help saying: What do you want me to do! This damn thing is on the rampage. It's too powerful. If we don't go into the Chamber of Secrets. I'm afraid it's a dead end to drag on for a few more minutes! If I'm going to get a bite from this guy and turn it into a can. I might as well kill myself right away. It's faster. Fang Lin calm tunnel: "Things on my side have come to an end.". So I just settled down to look up some information about this female tarantula. At night, it relies on a keen sense of smell to confirm and lock each other's position. And eight compound eyes in very weak light. You will almost completely lose your own vision. "So.". What you need to do now is. Quickly rushed to the two statues flowing out of the blood and tears gathered into a small pool. Sprinkle the red liquid around inside. And pour it on your bodies! Lin Yinxiu immediately understood what Fang Lin meant. The bright red liquid flowing from the eye sockets of the two strange statues undoubtedly had three functions. The first was to add a strange atmosphere to the environment of the venue. The second was to open the secret passage under the statues. The most important thing is to use the special smell of this bright red liquid to attract the mutant tarantulas guarding the forbidden ruins, so that they can devour the invaders! It was night. The giant female tarantula is undoubtedly using the sense of smell to search for Lin Yinxiu two people, Fang Lin's method is obviously at the bottom of the pot. In the course of the fierce dodge fight, Lin Yinxiu and No.56 finally reached Fang Lin's request. Sure enough, the giant female tarantula's offensive became gradually confused, and the red liquid was splashed everywhere. Several times, he threw himself on the stone splashed with liquid, which made him dizzy. Seeing that Fang Lin's stratagem came into effect, the two men finally breathed a sigh of relief. Fang Lin light way: "Number 56, you try to taste a little of this liquid." 56 Nu way: "Why don't you taste it?" Fang Lin said calmly, "First, I want to taste it, but I can't. Second, if you weren't so greedy that you wanted to pry the statue's eyes, then this wouldn't have happened at all.". Most importantly.. Don't you want that enhanced spot? In terms of speech, in fact, number 56 is quite easy to give. But when he met Fang Lin, he couldn't say a word. He was about to say angrily that we signed the Nightmare Mark Notarization. But suddenly thought of Fang Lin elusive means, immediately did not dare to make a sound. And there's no blood flow all over number 56. The nerves are all dead. The toxin's damage to him would be minimized, so he could only dip his finger in the liquid left thousands of years ago with a black face like the bottom of a pot. Fang Lin looked at No.56, who seemed to be waiting for the poison, and sighed: "Even if the mechanism here has a very terrible poison,grey marble slab, it will never fall into the blood and tears that no one is willing to drink.". Can you use your brain? Only then did Fang Lin go on to explain to them: "If you were the craftsman who built here, would you deliberately leave such an obvious way out for the enemy who invaded here?" Number 56 forced himself not to think about the blood-colored liquid he had swallowed before, and said in astonishment:.