Nine days of Lingwu

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"Young master, the master said you would go to his study after breakfast.

"Young master, the master said you would go to his study after breakfast. He has something to say to you." The old housekeeper looked at Han Fei, who was satisfied after breakfast, and said with a smile, "Young man, your wound should be healed, right?" "Yes, thank you, Grandpa Felix." Han Fei put down his napkin and said politely. Although Philip's identity is a housekeeper, he is not an inferior servant who sells himself to the Han family. He is not only old in the Han family, but also meticulous and strict in doing things, so even Han Mutian is quite courteous to him, Han Fei, of course, dare not be rude. Han Mutian's room is upstairs. Although the Han family with noble titles is not a rich family, they also have a very good garden villa in Xishui City. The servant lives next to the living room on the ground floor of the three-storey villa. The second floor is the residence of Han Fei and his younger brother and sister, the housekeeper and the martial arts instructor. The third floor is the master bedroom and study of Han Mutian and his two wives. There are also several guest rooms. Han Fei went upstairs to the middle of the study, in the room in addition to Han Mutian, his two aunts are also in. When Aunt Kalena saw Han Fei saluting, she just nodded lightly, while Aunt Denilia took his hand quite affectionately and asked,a333 grade 6 pipe, "Feier, is your wound better?" "It's all right. Thank you for your concern!" Han Fei hurriedly answered. Han Fei's two aunts are Taixi people, the eldest aunt Kalena blonde temper is not good, is the birth mother of Han Fei's younger brother Han Li, and the second aunt Deni Liya gentle character, married to Han Mutian gave birth to a pair of twin daughters. There are many intelligent races in Jiutian Mainland, among which the human race includes the Donghua and Taixi races, which are physically equivalent to the Chinese and Europeans and Americans in Hanfei's previous life. It's just that the two clans,uns s32760 plate, Donghua and Taixi, belong to the same human race. For hundreds of years, their blood has merged with each other, and they have long been inseparable from each other. Hearing Han Fei say that the injury has been cured, Han Mutian and Denilia are very happy. Han Mutian motioned to Han Fei to sit down first. He coughed and said, "Feier, although you failed this time, don't lose heart. Yesterday, Teng Tuohai, the founder of Silver Hammer Workshop, promised to accept you as an apprentice." "He is a true founder, and if you can get his true biography and become a founder, it will definitely be better than a samurai, and you will be eligible to inherit my family title." "So you must study hard, x56 line pipe ,347 stainless steel, study hard and try your best!" Han Mutian said very solemnly. Founder? What is a founder? Han Fei asked curiously, this term is very strange to him. Han Mutian explained: "The founder is the one who makes weapons. The real founder can make powerful spiritual weapons. You will know the details later." It's a blacksmith! Han Fei secretly said in his heart. However, looking at Han Mutian's cautious appearance, Han Fei understood that the founder was definitely not a simple profession, otherwise he would not say that he was better than a samurai. Perhaps seeing that Han Fei was somewhat disapproving, Kalena suddenly interrupted and said, "I hope you will not fail to live up to your father's expectations again. Teng Tuohai accepted two hundred gold coins from us before he agreed to accept you as an apprentice. It may cost more in the future.". If the money invested is always not harvested, our family can not stand such repeated tossing and turning. Two hundred gold coins! Han Fei was taken aback, knowing that Han Mutian gave him only one gold coin a month for his pocket money, and that this gold coin could support a family of three ordinary civilians for half a month-that's what Kalena told him. The apprenticeship fee of two hundred gold coins is undoubtedly a huge sum of money, and it will cost more in the future. No wonder Kalena, who is in charge of the financial power of the Han family, will look ugly. ———————————————— Beg click, recommend, collect support, thank everybody! Chapter 5 a New Beginning (Part Two) Kalena is the daughter of a wealthy businessman in Xishuicheng. When she married Han Mutian, she brought a dowry from a shop in the city. After Han Fei's mother passed away, she was naturally the hostess of the Han family. In addition, she usually preferred her son Han Li, so it was reasonable for Han Fei, the eldest son of the wife, to be lukewarm. Kalena's words made Han Mutian look a little embarrassed, but he didn't say much, because these are the facts. I see. Han Fei replied respectfully, behaving no differently from a 13-year-old boy. This little wink he is not unbearable, in fact, although Kalena some snobbery, but over the years to Han Fei really can not say bad. Seeing his son's appropriate response, Han Mutian was very pleased to say: "Well, things are settled like this.". Feier, your mentor is waiting for you. Even if you can't become a warrior, you can't leave the martial arts of self-defense and fitness. Go quickly! Han Fei promised, left the study and went straight to the martial arts training ground, and soon met the martial arts instructor Carol. The Han family's mansion was quite large, and the grassy garden took up several acres of land. In order to cultivate Han Fei, Han Mutian specially opened up a martial arts field in the corner of the garden for him to learn martial arts. Han Fei's martial arts instructor Carol is a middle-aged man in his forties. He is tall and plain. He is usually silent and only concentrates on practicing martial arts and training Han Fei. He is also the only family warrior in the Han family, and his status is still above the old housekeeper Philip. Seeing Hanfei running quickly, Carol's serious face showed a smile and threw out the wooden sword in her left hand. Stopping, Han Fei caught the wooden sword very skillfully, his body was slightly short, and his hands raised the sword in a fighting posture. Carol did not speak, but raised another wooden sword in his right hand and cut at Han Fei with a light shout. Attack, block, retreat, dodge, so the two men fought back and forth, one move at a time. Such a scene has been playing out in this small martial arts field for many years. Han Fei has been practicing basic martial arts with Carol since he was five years old,x52 line pipe, and it has been eight years now. Drink Carol's sword suddenly cut off Han Fei's head, and the dark gray ironwood sword had a faint golden awn. The wooden sword split the air and made a whistling sound, so fast that Han Fei only had time to raise his sword and try to block it. Boom!.