Theoretically feasible

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General Song smiled, raised his head, and habitually wanted Lan Shan

General Song smiled, raised his head, and habitually wanted Lan Shan to answer the second half of the question for him. On the one hand, he did not want to expose his ideas to his subordinates completely, and on the other hand, he wanted to listen to her opinions. However, seeing that Lan Shan seemed to have received some news, he bowed his head and went out quickly after operating twice on the personal terminal. General Song had to answer simply, "Because what I just said is just a guess, so it does not rule out the possibility that General Yang Wei really used the same means twice." Arashiyama received Meryl's urgent request for help and immediately came out of the main command area. "Meryl, slow down. What's your situation now?" Meryl did not know whether she was tired or nervous over there, panting hard, "Lan-Lan Shan, I-we can't hold on!"! Guhan, Roan and Luke are all wounded, and the mecha damage rate is all above 50%. Although it is not the standard of battlefield treatment, it is also very close, as long as it encounters with any Weiss team again, I am afraid there will be casualties! Lan Shan, "I know,Inflatable dry slide, hold on a little longer!" After a slight pause, he gave a specific time, "Hold on for another twenty minutes." The quiet voice was more effective for Meryl than the powerful Kinser smoke, and she immediately cheered up and spoke much more fluently than before, although she knew that Arashiyama could not see and nodded heavily, "OK, I see!" She was saddened to discover that her previous guess was not accurate at all after Demosen's army began to launch a strong attack on the Giza constellation. It was thought that Admiral Song's main warship would not be able to rush forward easily,Jumping castle with slide, so it would not be easy for the people on the main warship to be sent out. Unexpectedly, they were assigned to the dispatch of Brigadier General Albert, who would transfer their mecha team as soon as they needed the mecha team to fight out of the cabin. The last time she fought on Nazca II, Meryl had already experienced the cruelty of a real battlefield, but that time at least she was able to keep her feet on the ground. This time, the feeling of driving a mecha in space for several days in a row was even more sour. Lan Shan has been staying in the main command area where General Song is, so the mecha team she brought over and the team of 46 people were put together, and the captain was temporarily replaced by Gu Han. Meryl watched helplessly these days that the mecha team of nearly 550 people had been reduced to less than 500 people, and her nerves were not tense for a moment. She looked rough, and her mind was not as thorough as the students majoring in military command in Guhan, but she had her own meticulous place. After extreme nervousness, Meryl calmed down and played her own strength. She became one of the few people in the team who were not injured, and always kept in mind that Arashiyama had said that this was her first batch of hands. Even if it is to spend money, we must stabilize these people. Now Lan Shan is not here, Inflatable bouncer ,inflatable castle with slide, she will take good care of this group of people for Lan Shan, so when she feels that everyone is about to be unable to hold up, she decisively informs Lan Shan. Lan Shan cut off the communication and returned to the main control area again when he heard Secretary Navin saying, "That is to say, it may be dangerous for us to pursue at full speed now." General Song, "Yes." I saw Arasugi go back. "Major Arasugi, I just want to ask you what you think." Lieutenant General Ouyang and Secretary Navin have been used to General Song listening to Lan Shan's opinions at every turn these days, and they all sincerely admit that Lan Shan's opinions are really worth listening to. Arashiyama, as if he had never walked away, took up their topic directly, "It really should be pursued at full speed." Navin's secretary was limited by his position, so he could not ask hard when he questioned General Song, but he did not have this concern about Lan Shan, and immediately asked, "Why?" Lieutenant General Ouyang did not speak, but also looked at Lan Shan and waited for her to answer. Arasugi, "In this expulsion of the Vis, the White Falcon launched two large-scale gamma attacks, one in the outer star field of the Giza Star Group, and the other in the Giza Ring Belt.". Both times, the Vis were forced back, but to be honest, compared to the huge energy stone cost of launching a large-scale gamma burst attack, the loss outweighed the gain. On the one hand, the scope of large-scale gamma burst attacks is too wide, so that several nearby planets will become uninhabitable planets in the next five to ten years; on the other hand, large-scale gamma burst attacks in open space, enemy starships can retreat in time as long as they react quickly. That is to say, the deterrent effect is greater than the real strike effect. Secretary Navin was very keen to find out the purpose of her analysis. "So the pursuit now is related to the effective use of the strength of the White Falcon?" "Yes." Arashiyama erected a light screen, quickly operated a few times, and displayed a map of the star field around Mastaba in the light screen. "Mastaba itself is an uninhabitable planet, and it has sixteen satellites around it. This is very important. If the White Falcon can carry out a large-scale gamma burst attack on the Vis fleet in this area, it will be able to do so." The gravitational pull of the 16 satellites will effectively slow down the evacuation of the starship Weiss. Secretary Navin opened his mouth slightly. "Oh, my God!" Why didn't he think he could operate like this. After stabilizing his mind, he immediately wanted to remind us, but our pursuit now is also risky, what if the Vis set a trap in the area of Mastaba? Listen to Lan Shan continue to say, "There is no zero-risk war, now the opportunity is rare, as long as the theory is feasible, then we can try, so I agree with General Song's arrangement." Then he turned to Admiral Song. "To be on the safe side, I apply to withdraw the mecha team I brought to the White Falcon immediately so that I can have enough manpower to deal with the unexpected situation that may occur in the area of Mastaba Star." Chapter 85 Chapter 85 Secretary Navin was about to export the reminder and was immediately choked back. Seriously look at Lan Shan because of the very calm so it seems very natural face, the heart was not sure whether she is not in the use of public office for personal gain. It is reasonable to say that,inflatable amusement park, according to the literal meaning of the latter half of Arasugi's sentence, he did not have to think much about it at all, it must be using public office for personal gain.