Excavator quotation

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Excavator quotation High Efficiency and Low Consumption Engine The working mode can be changed on the monitor, which can maximize the operating efficiency and reduce the fuel consumption. Large-capacity Fuel Tank with Anti-rust Treatment The large capacity of fuel tank reduces the frequency of refueling. The interior of the fuel tank has been well treated against rusting. No rusting will occur even if the tank is soaked in oil containing water and phosphoric acid and other chemicals for a long period of time. Standard crushing pipeline, can be equipped with a variety of crushing hammer, pine, grab, nephew drill and other different accessories, one machine multi-purpose; Iron track and rubber track can be exchanged at any time, adapt to various working conditions of construction, the use of partial rotation arm, can be deflected to work easily dug wall foot. 聽 Specification 聽 Operating weight4000kg Digging bucket capacity0.26cbm Diesel tank capacity60L Hydraulic oil tank capacity75L EngineLaidong 490 or Yanmar Rated power37kw/2200r/min Machine length4500mm Upper frame/ Chassis width1520mm Machine height2650mm Platform ground clearance557mm Max. Digging depth2250mm Max. Digging height3900mm Max. Dumping height3100mm Max. Digging radius on ground1250mm Min. Radius of gyration1820mm Max. Lifting height of dozer359mm Max. Digging depth of dozer268mm Min. Tail swing radius1170mm Rated working pressure22mpa Walking motor2 speed plunger type Swing motorVariable plunger type Main pump32cc plunger type Flow99 Climbing ability35掳 Max. Digging force bucket/arm55.6kn (5560iso) Travel speed low/high2.7/4.6km/h Swing speed9-11r/min Steel tracks pressure on ground34.8kpa (0.355kgf/cm2) 聽Excavator quotation website:http://www.chinaift.com/excavator/