high purity Potassium Fertilizer

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high purity Potassium Fertilizer Products: Agricultural Potassium Nitrate Related word: Potassium Nitrate for plants, Water Soluble Potassium Nitrate, Agricultural Grade Potassium Nitrate Molecular formula: KNO鈧?/p Relative molecular mass: 101.10 Properties: Colorless transparent prismatic or white granular or crystalline powder, 100% soluble in water. High quality nitrogen and potassium compound fertilizer, 100% plant nutrients. 聽 Applications Potassium nitrate is a source of nitrogen and potassium for use in fertilizer solutions in the agricultural and horticultural (greenhouse)sectors. Potassium determines yield and ensures optimal water management, resistance to stress and obtaining a robust and strong plant. Increases nitrogen utilisation and also contributes to a plant鈥檚 resistance to frost.Nitrogen is the driving force behind fertilisation. Nitrogen promotes plant growth and photosynthesis. Nitrogen also postpones the ageing process. 聽 Product Specification 聽 SpecificationsUnitsSuperior productFirst classQualified product Potassium content% 鈮?/p 46.044.544.0 Total nitrogen content% 鈮?/p 13.513.513.5 Chloride content% 鈮?/p Moisture% 鈮?/p 聽 Package: 25/50kg plastic woven bag or paper bag with PE inner bag, or according to the requirements of customers. 聽 Our Services We are competitive in price and quality compared with our peers, and if you order a large quantity, we will give you a discount. Feel free to ask us and we'll get back to you. 聽 FAQ Q1: Will there be any harmful substances left in the soil after this fertilizer is used? A: This potassium nitrate for agricultural use has no chlorine, no sodium and no residual harmful substances. 聽 Q2: How to use this fertilizer? A:聽Agricultural as a compound fertilizer, foliar spray fertilization. 聽 Q3: Which crops is this fertilizer especially suitable for? A: Especially suitable for mango, tobacco, fruit trees, rubber fertilizer. 聽high purity Potassium Fertilizer website:http://www.vizda-industrial.com/potassium-fertilizer/