The dumb wife is as sweet as honey & strong lock marriage: Fu Shao's dumb new a deep lake

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The car drove in the direction of Guhua Road. By this time, Fu Hanchuan no longer paid attention to the car. He looked through the document and said, "It should be sent by Mrs.

The car drove in the direction of Guhua Road. By this time, Fu Hanchuan no longer paid attention to the car. He looked through the document and said, "It should be sent by Mrs. Zhuoya." His divorce had been delayed, and his words had lost their effect on his mother, who, of course, refused to be relieved. She must have known that he came to Chang's house for dinner today. Unlike the Jin family and the Lu family, the Chang family needed to look at the Fu family's face and flatter them. Mrs. Zhuoya's face could not be sold in the Chang family. She sent a car to follow him, not to know how he had eaten with the Chang family, but to know where he had gone after dinner. At the villa on Guhua Road, Qiao Shen drove away. Fu Hanchuan stood at the window, pushed aside the curtain and looked downstairs. The car was still there. He loosened the curtains, sat down on the sofa, folded his long legs and lit a cigarette. In the smoke, he squinted slightly and pressed the keyboard on his mobile phone, trying to call the woman and tell her not to wait, but when his finger was about to press the dial button, his finger paused, his eyebrows slightly frowned, and finally changed to the home button. Can't I cultivate my moral character? Wonderful and free! I don't know how long this state will last, so what if I tell her? With her mentality, I'm afraid she wants him not to go there. Fu Hanchuan sneered, took a puff of smoke and stood up. In the shining light of the fire, he narrowed his long and narrow eyes and looked at the car downstairs, crossing a trace of coldness. The cigarette butt went out in the ashtray, the man's long legs moved, and the broad figure disappeared behind the door. …… The memory dividing line that came back the next evening. After rubbing the cream, Su Xiang looked in the mirror and felt that his complexion was not very good, so he put on some blush and tied his hair to a ball head, so that he looked much more energetic. Today, I will go to the examination room to check the spot and recognize the seat number,wire nail machine manufacturers, so as not to find a place on the day of the exam. Su Xiang has not been to the examination room for several years, and he is a little nervous. Selfishly, if you look better, you will have better luck. As soon as she finished, she walked out of the washroom with satisfaction. Eating breakfast alone is more casual, Su Xiang cooked the rice left over from yesterday, ate it with a piece of fermented bean curd, and then went out with his bag. This time, the test site was in a middle school in another district. It took 40 minutes to find the place, but it took only five minutes to confirm the classroom for the test. Probably afraid of people going in to cheat, the door of the classroom was locked, and there was a piece of white paper on the wall next to it, on which the admission card number was written. Su Xiang compared it and came out after confirming it. Bookstore. Su Xiang ordered a cup of hot milk coffee at the counter, found a window seat and sat down, took off his heavy woolen overcoat and scarf and slanted them on the back of the chair, took out the notes and books in his bag and began to review. She wore a loose white sweater, Nail machine supplier ,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, slightly longer sleeves to cover half of her hands, holding warm milk coffee in both hands, lowered her head to drink, stared at the book, read a paragraph, looked up at the ceiling to read a paragraph, read the book again, smiled, and then went on to the next paragraph. The bright sunshine poured down, shining her face white and pink, and her pink lips were curved, like a repetitive dynamic cartoon. Outside the window, a car stopped at the corner of the street, and a man sat in the car, tapping the steering wheel with his fingers, scratching his chin and scratching the back of his head from time to time. Could it be that he was just driving around the street and inadvertently saw Su Xiang sitting in the bookstore reading a book. He stopped the car and subconsciously wanted to get out to say hello, but as soon as the door opened a crack, he swished his hand back. It was not that he was too weak to stand the cold wind, and he did not know why, as if he was ashamed. Speaking of it, he still owed Su Xiang a life, and before he returned her favor, why couldn't he go up and say hello? Mofei tried twice, but as if the door handle was equipped with thorns, every time he touched the door, his hand drew back. What are you talking about? Mofei felt like a crazy rabbit in his heart, trying to pretend that he could not see and continue to ride him, but when he saw the white face and pink lips, the tire seemed to stick to the road. He sat in the car and looked across the road at the woman sitting by the window of the bookstore. When she raised her head, her neck raised a white and smooth arc, and when she lowered her head, her back neck curved into a small white arch bridge, and the broken hair on the back of her head fell hairy in her neck. Her eyebrows and eyes are bright, and her small nose is quite warped. Obviously, she doesn't look like a beautiful woman, but when she looks at her, she looks like a picture. She took a sip of the drink and looked up at the ceiling. The drink slid down her throat and her red lips curled up again. Is it possible to swallow saliva, that milk tea, is it so delicious? Is that book that good? He saw that she finally looked away from the book, thinking that she was going to look out of the window, and immediately stepped back, only to find that she was just looking sideways at her cell phone. Could it be that he came to his senses with some embarrassment? What was he doing? Is this still the domineering Mo San Shao? "Uh-huh!" Mo Feitong cleared his throat and finally opened the car door and walked down. The service desk was at the door. Mofei went in and took a look at the woman sitting quietly over there. When he moved there, he changed his direction and went to the service desk to take a look at the category list above. Could it be that I have never walked into a bookstore in my life, either a bar or a club? When I saw the name on it, I was dumbfounded. Lao She's tea, Anna's coffee, what are these things? "What would you like to drink, sir?" The waiter asked in a low voice, and Mofei had a headache and said directly, "Coffee." "What kind of coffee would you like?" "Black coffee without sugar!" Said Mofei in a gruff voice. "Yes,Nail Making Machine price, please wait a moment." The waiter turned around and began to brew on the back bar. Mo Feitong turned his body on one side and put his arm on the counter and tapped his fingers. It doesn't seem good to just walk past. Well, the little mute has been reading for a long time, and he should be hungry.