LLDPE Stretch Film

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LLDPE Stretch FilmLLDPE Stretch FilmLLDPE Stretch Film

LLDPE Stretch Film Here are many advantages of Stretch film for wrapping machine, which can prevent dust, moisture and goods from collapsing. Generally, customers who use stretch stretch film can be divided into machine wrapping and manual wrapping. Now we talk about machine wrapping and hand wrapping's difference. The Stretch film for wrapping machine is to place the object that needs to be wrapped in the middle of the turntable. The turntable motor is started to drive the turntable to rotate, and the Stretch film for wrapping machine is naturally evenly wrapped on the surface of the object. At the same time, the elevator motor is also started, which drives the stretch film frame to move up and down, so as to achieve the wrapping film in the height direction of the object, which realizes the wrapping stretch film of the entire surface of the object. Which can reduce the labor of workers, and the Stretch film for wrapping machine is a little tighter than the manual wrapping, and one person can complete all the actions by using the machine to wrap the film. The use of hand wrapping film is to firmly wrap the scattered products into a whole, so as to improve the working efficiency of handling and avoid scattering and loss. Whether it is used for product collective packaging or cargo pallet packaging, it can achieve moisture-proof and dust-proof effects. The advantage of using hand wrapping film is that it can be used anytime, anywhere, and it does not need to be moved to a certain location for packaging. The use area is small, and it is suitable for customers who do not use a large amount and whose origin is limited. In terms of price, the machine film will be slightly more expensive than the hand film, and the production process of Stretch film for wrapping machine and the hand film is different.LLDPE Stretch Film website:http://www.sino-topway.com/lldpe-stretch-film/