Scaffolding Plank

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Scaffolding PlankScaffolding PlankScaffolding Plank

Scaffolding Plank Our aluminum plywood decks made of high quality plywood and aluminum alloy side rails and cross brace.Those aluminum plywood deck are designed to span the bay of either frame,brace or ringlock system scaffold. Aluminum wind latch to secure the platform even under severe weather condition. All sizes feature 1-piece plywood work surface, reducing warping and tripping hazards, and 6061 High Tensile Aluminum side rails and rungs. 聽 Product Details Aluminum Plywood Deck Material:aluminum and plywood Length7' 8' 9' 10' (Customized Length) StandardANSI,CSA,OSHA SWLMin75lbs / Squar Foot For 10' ,100lbs/Square Foot For 7' Color1.47kg-1.67kg/Foot SurfaceOriginal Finish With Water-Proof Function Available Size Width( inch)Length (inch)Length(mm)Weight(lbs)Dimension 锛圚脳W脳L) 19鈥?/p 25-1/2鈥?/p 647.7mm10 lbs4鈥澝?9鈥澝?鈥?/p 19鈥?/p 45鈥?/p 1143mm19 lbs4鈥澝?9鈥澝?鈥?/p 19鈥?/p 60鈥?/p 1524mm23 lbs4鈥澝?9鈥澝?鈥?/p 19鈥?/p 62鈥?/p 1574.8mm24 lbs4鈥澝?9鈥澝?鈥?鈥?/p 19鈥?/p 84鈥?/p 2133.6mm32 lbs4鈥澝?9鈥澝?鈥?/p 19鈥?/p 120鈥?/p 3048mm46 lbs5鈥澝?9鈥澝?0鈥?/p 24鈥?/p 60鈥?/p 1524mm26 lbs4鈥澝?4鈥澝?鈥?/p 24鈥?/p 84鈥?/p 2133.6mm37 lbs4鈥澝?4鈥澝?鈥?/p 24鈥?/p 120鈥?/p 3048mm53 lbs5鈥澝?4鈥澝?0鈥?/p 聽 Advantages of Aluminum Plywood Deck High quality select plywood Heavy duty aluminum construction Aluminum wind latch to secure the platform even under severe wind conditions Over-lapping edge protection 75lbs/sq-ft load capacity Anti pop-up sliding lock system at each end for added safety and security. Bolt-on assembly for easy replacement. Platform fits on most scaffolding brands. 聽 Product Details 聽聽聽Scaffolding Plank website: