Gully Grating specifications

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Gully Grating specifications TIANYI SUNS PIPEFITTINGS CO.,LTD. is one of the main suppliers in China manufacturing and supplying of advanced pipe systems and solutions, connecting people with water and energy. We provide a broad range of pipeline system products for infrastructure, building ,irrigation ,industry, gas and energy applications. Our Product Our main pipeline system product are as below: ductile iron pipe, ductile iron pipe fitting, manhole cover, gate valve, butterfly valve, check valve, Y strainer, flange, dismantling joint, flange adaptor, flexible coupling, saddle, gibault joint and repair clamp. Product Application We can not only serve for the distributors, but also for the big water projects from the overseas, our products have been widely recognized in the international markets and have already obtained many honors and reputations. Our Certificate We are completely committed to international quality standards and are certified to ISO 9001 (Quality Management) and relevant products certifcates. Our products are manufactured based on standards ISO2531, EN545, EN598, EN14525,EN12842,BS4504, ISO7005, AWWA C219, DIN3352, BS5163,BS5153,AWWA C509, EN124 and so on . Our service As a responsible manufacturer and supplier of pipeline system products, we are with proved with long-term performance and reliability. We are passionate about creating sustainable, innovative solutions for our customers and communities and we thrive in the international environment to provide you our best services, please be ensured that our constant motivation is to always go beyond your expectations by continually offering you the highest quality level.Gully Grating specifications website: